Stop Shop: 3 Thrift Stores

I get several questions about thrift stores that I sometimes stop by so I wanted to give you three of them today. If you live in Maryland then these are for you…

Unique Thrift

Located at 12211 Veirs Mill Road in Wheaton, MD, Unique Thrift is a thrift store with something for everyone. I think their jewelry department is better than most but that could change. They have guitars & other instruments, furniture, clothes, carpet, dinnerware, and a whole lot more so make sure you go with plenty of time to go through the store. This is the store where I bought my skirt for the Clueless 2012 post. I’ve still only made it through half of the store. I really like the fact that the selection is diverse… you can find African and Indian clothing here. There are plenty of blazers, suits, and dresses for older women. Young folks won’t really find much in Unique Thrift’s clothing department unless you need jeans or a dress I suppose. The very first time I visited I left with a brooch, a light jacket, a skirt, and scarf. Don’t be surprised to find fake hair hanging on the wall with the purses and scarves, I’ve seen it lol.

Most of the African and Indian clothes are sold in sets. The top above was sold with a blue skirt and scarf for $16.

Isn’t this a cute print? It’s a dress and I wanted to create a jumpsuit out of it but standing there looking at how it was made I changed my mind. It had all sorts of pleats and peplum on one side… I still should have bought it.

Yea… caught me by surprise too lol

Value Village Thrift 

This thrift store is on 5013 York Rd in Baltimore, MD. This is another thrift store that in my opinion is for older women but I generally stop in for skirts, vests, and boy blazers. Of course I go through everything because who knows what I’ll miss if I don’t! There isn’t much of anything else other than clothes but every once in while you just might find something.

Value Village Thrift

3424 Eastern Ave in Baltimore, MD. All of the thrift stores in the Value Village family ( Edgewood, York Rd, Banks St, Collins Ave, etc) all have the same discount days. Military folks can get 25% off everyday, Early bird 25% off on Saturday, Senior Citizen 25% off  every Monday. When I come to this store it’s for slacks because there are racks full of them and I always find Ann Taylor, Petite Sophisticate, J. Crew, & Banana Republic pants… in every size. If you are looking for some, stop here. I recently just bought brand new Ann Taylor plaid wool paints for $3. Most pants are anywhere from $3 to $10. There are your other clothing items and there are records, furniture, holiday decorations, kitchen appliances, other electronics, and a mens section on one half of the downstairs area. If you need wooden shelves or frames or need woven baskets for storage then you’ll find them here.

Do you live in MD? What are some thrift stores you frequent? Even if you don’t feel free to tell me about thrift stores in your area. Email pics to and I can post your thoughts on the site.