DIY: Initial Studs


I wanted to do this post a few months ago but I ended up losing the initial charms that I bought… still haven’t found them so I went and purchased new ones so I can finally check this project off of my list.

What You Need:


  • Initial charms
  • Gold leaf paint or Gold spray paint (not pictured)
  • Head Pins
  • Earring backs
  • Industrial glue or jewelry glue
  • Wire Cutters (not pictured)
1. First thing you want to do is use the wire cutters to cut the little circle from the charm since you're not going to be connecting it to anything.

1. First thing you want to do is use the wire cutters to cut the little circle from the charm since you’re not going to be connecting it to anything.


2. Paint your charms and allow them to dry.

3. Use the cutters to snip your head pins wherever you'd like them to end.

3. Use the cutters to snip your head pins wherever you’d like them to end.


4. Glue one head pin to the center on the backside of each charm charm and allow them to dry.

4. Glue one head pin to the center on the backside of each charm and allow them to dry.

That’s it! When you wear them just remember to place an earring back behind them so they don’t fall out. My ‘M’ required a flat round earring back so that’s what I ended up using (not pictured).


DIY: Mirror Mirror Clutch

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This is for the ladies who want the fairest clutch of them all! My inspiration for this clutch came from two Kate Spade clutches I saw and Cinderella’s glass slippers.

You’ll Need:

  • One toothpick
  • A hinged box (I used an old one from my transparent clutch days)
  • Several packs of 1.2 cm mirror pieces  and 1/2 inches for the top and sides of your clutch (I ended up using 5 I think)
  • E-6000 glue
  • One handle for the clutch (not pictured but mine came from Hobby Lobby)
  • Silver chrome spray paint

1.  For step one you can drill a hole where you want your handle to go or spray the box first and then drill. My box was already drilled so I sprayed 3 coats to cover the paint that was already on the box. It may be a good idea to spray inside the box as well because the glue will be seen when you open it if you opt not to, if you’re fine with that then do as you like.



2. You can either glue the pieces down as you go or you can put them all down to make sure they fit and glue them down piece by piece using the toothpick to apply the glue which is what I did. All the mirrors are cut differently so I wanted to make sure they fit where I put them to make sure there’d be less gaps. I bought two mixed bags of mirrors in different sizes and used the next size up on the sides and top of the clutch.


3. Once you’ve glued everything on then insert your handle. If you have a long handle then you may need to cut it down like I did in my transparent clutch diy.


You’re finished!!

end pic

End pics

What do you think of the clutch?

Tell Me About It, Stud: Cute And Small Picks for Your Ears

Earrings are a fun accessory and I love a stud that’s not your ordinary pearl, knot, ball or triangle. Take a look at a few I found for dressing up or down. Plenty of people wear studs and the tiny things always stand a chance of getting lost so keep these in mind when you’re thinking of Christmas gifts.

Alphabet Studs $32 Catbird

Alphabet Studs $32

Square Multi-Pack $10.13 Asos

Square Multi-Pack $10.13


MRS $48
Kate Spade

Amelia $175 Auden

Amelia $175
These just scream “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” to me!

Zip It Studs $58 Marc by Marc Jacobs

Zip It Studs $58
Marc by Marc Jacobs

Leopard Studs $38 Juicy Couture

Leopard Studs $38
Juicy Couture

Pave Heart Lock Bauble Bar

Pave Heart Lock
Bauble Bar

Peacock Studs $24 Bauble Bar

Peacock Studs $24
Bauble Bar

Mix Master Stud Set Bauble Bar

Mix Master Stud Set $18
Bauble Bar

Jenny Lewis Earrings Stella and Bow

Jenny Lewis Earrings
Stella and Bow

Golden Arrow Studs

Golden Arrow Studs

Twitter Earrings Etsy $35

Twitter Earrings

Flower Power: DIY Floral Crown

Floral crowns were the go-to hair accessory this year at outdoor festivals. “Were” sigh it’s August and the Summer isn’t officially over but boy does the weather have me fooled some days. The outdoor festivities are still poppin’ like Breezy’s old song so I guess “are” the go-to hair accessory is still fitting. I made one for an all white party I went to, simply because I normally rebel against color specific parties (all white, all black or blk and white) but I wanted to comply this go round. The crown was the perfect way to add color, it gave my outfit a princess in the garden feel and people complimented it all evening as it rested in its rightful place. It’s not hard to create and if you’d like, you can always use fresh flowers for a crown similar to this one.

Here’s what you need:


Picture of the thick wire. Check your local dollar store for thin wire and floral tape to save money!


      • Flowers (I chose fake flowers)
      • Thick & thin floral wire
      • Wire cutters
      • Scissors
      • Floral tape

1. Cut the stems off your flowers. Leave about 1-2 inches.

2. Measure the crown of your head and use that when you cut the thick wire.

Step 1

3. Decide what flowers you want to start with as a sort of foundation. You don’t have to but I like to have something to build on. You might find you have more of one flower than another so when you’re cutting off stems, sort them out to help you envision placement on your crown as you go along.

Step 4

4. Take a stem and attach it to your thick wire using the thin wire.

Step 2

If you have several stems you want together, tape them before attaching.


5. If you want to, cover the wire with floral tape for a neater finish. Choose to do it every so often or wait until you’re finish and try. I’d find it harder that way since the flowers would be in your way but the choice is yours.


6. Continue placing your flowers how you want them until you finish!

On My Head

Wax and Cruz

Designer and stylist Lauren Austin Wood has created this collection of baseball caps inspired by her travels around the globe. The caps made up from African wax prints, Guatemalan ikat, Italian bouclé and shibori. Even the visors are unique to each hat, you’ll find them made of linen, suede and leather.  They cost more than your average baseball cap but they’ll deliver more of a personal touch. If you’re down for the cause, you could always find a fabric you love and DIY your own like I did with my cap here. Tempted to do a wax print one too, maybe with a leather visor? That seems like a good challenge. I’ll keep you posted but until then, check out the caps in her collection.


To purchase one, click here for her website.

DIY: Anchors Aweigh

Had to give you all a DIY in time for the holiday and while I saw just the thing while I was browsing the accessories over at BaubleBar.

Navy Bowline Necklace

Navy Bowline Necklace

I loved the navy and white rope tied in what looks like a couple fishermen’s knots. No bling, nothing fancy, nice and simple. It’s not like the people fighting for our continued freedom in the states get to swag out in bling while they’re off at work keeping us safe. Accessories aren’t at their fingertips either so I didn’t want to have a lot going on and the nautical look is a favorite of mine… must have something to do with watching “Popeye” and/or “Pippi Longstocking” when I was younger. Peep the DIY below!


  • Rope of any kind. I used a white cording from the trim section in Hobby Lobby
  • Jump rings
  • Charm of your choosing
  • Square cube beads
  • Closures (pictured is a cowrie shell but you’ll see later that I switched to toggle that better fit the direction I was headed.)

photo 1

1. The rope trim I used was 5 yards but regardless you want to knot it however you choose making sure that both the left and right side have loops for your jump ring to go on.

2. Once you’ve got the rope the way you want it you can add your charm to the front center.

photo 1

3. Take the square cubed beads and place one on each loop to keep them together.

4. Put your jump rings on the loop(s)

5. Add your closure pieces.

photo 2

What do you think?

Please remember to take time out to be thankful for those who have fought and continue to fight to keep our country safe. Send prayers up for them and their families because they risk a lot for us and they make that sacrifice. Send a care package, add items to someone else’s package or just say thank you when you pass them in their uniform. It doesn’t cost you anything at all and I’m sure it will be greatly appreciated.

Enjoy your 4th of July!

Haute Hair: Cult Gaia

The weather has been awfully fickle but Summer is still around the corner somewhere! While we wait, we can embrace spring with cute hair accessories. These retro-inspired  headwraps, flower crowns and turbans are right in line with trends I’ve been spotting. Can’t say I’ll personally be grabbing anything from the line below BUT a DIY is definitely in store. I have a similar wire headwrap that’s red with white polka dots from Forever 21 but I want one with the African batik print!

Pieces from Cult Gaia below:

 4 in one




super cute