Shop Chic

Looking to own something I DIY’d?
Every now and again I post a new Do-It-Yourself project. More times than none I always have extra supplies to make a few more of the same item and possibly even customize it specific to your tastes. What this means is that almost every DIY is available for purchase! This also includes anything you see me make for myself on IG (em_pea). I don’t always share those on DEFINEchic.

When you see something you like feel free to email me at Be sure to refer to the DIY and let me know if you have any color or placement requests. I’ll get back to you to let you know whether it’s something I can do and at what price. How’s that sound? If you hate it then hopefully you can wait patiently until the real shop is up and running 🙂

What you can expect:
A hand-crafted and finished project made by yours truly, sent to your front door. You will get a hand-crafted project that is already finished sent to your front door! Each project is made personally by me and an original project.
Each project requires different supplies and some take more of my time than others. Those things are taken into consideration when I quote you a price. Shipping will be extra depending on the size and all payments will be received through PayPal. After I receive your payment, I will send your package you will receive a tracking code.

 When you get your item, please feel free to share your purchase using social media and tag it with #DEFINEchic so I can see how you are making it your own! You might even find it posted 🙂


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