New Year Goals


Forget a resolution because after the month of January most of us aren’t following through. I have decided to make a short list of goals that I hope to accomplish this year when it comes to DEFINE Chic and crafting and I thought I’d share.

1. New Website. This is just about finished. I have a few visuals I want to get right before I do the big reveal. Who knew it would be so much work getting posts from this site to the new one. I opted to do them manually because some things have no business being transferred. Can’t wait to share the new site with you!

2. Cut Back on Shopping. I have A LOT of craft supplies. Beads, bows, ribbons, hair clips, sequin trims, you name it and it’s in stock. I need to find a way to use everything I have instead of running to the craft store for new stuff.

3. Continue Making What I Want. I’m not big on making things that I don’t plan to use but it’s kind of hard not to be swayed sometimes by things I see. I don’t mind following a trend every now and then but friendship bracelets for what?

4. Plan better. I have ideas and they lead to scribbled notes on post-its at work but maybe I could take it a step further and specifically put down what I need to purchase. This could help with #2 because I’m sure if I go through my collection of stuff I’m sure I’d find that I had most of the materials.

5. Make It. Post It. I’m bad at posting my projects but I don’t mind posting me wearing them. This is mainly because on here I like to provide the step by step and that involves pictures and words and while I don’t mind doing it, I do lol. It’s work. I love to create but this extra stuff I could honestly do without. That has to change and this will be the year it does.

Do you have any goals for 2014? Share them with me!

Vintage Styles Make A Comeback

Hi all! I’ve been pretty busy trying to set up a new and improved site so please bear with me. Since I’ve not yet finished, I thought it would only be right to continue posting here in the meantime. Last week,  Rebecca Adams & Raydene Salinas wrote an article for the Huffington Post about 10 vintage styles that need to comeback. I agreed with everything on their list except the flapper’s headbands. They were great accessories for that time period but if they come back then the wardrobe needs to accompany them because they went hand in hand. After reading the items on that list, I ventured off to search for a few of them so I could deliver them to you! To read the other items on the list, click here.

1. Daytime Hats

Anthro Cloche 2

Lewis Cloche $68

Lewis Cloche $68

Anthropologie is one of the first places I look to for vintage headwear. They always have hats, stoles, gloves, and fascinators that could potentially transform your outfit if done correctly.

Coche hats were invented by milliner Caroline Reboux in 1908 although they didn’t take off until the flapper era begining in 1920. The hats are known for their bell shape as cloche is french for “bell.” The hat was well liked for protecting a woman’s eyes from sunlight and withstanding the force of wind. I read somewhere that it became a custom for women to relay their marital status  using a bow on their hat. A firm knot for marriage, a loose delicate bow to signify a unavailable due to being in relationship and of course a famboyant bow to say she was single and up for mingling. I wonder what they had to say she was single and content… then again I guess there weren’t too many of those huh?

Pork Pie Hat - TopShop

Top Shop Pork Pie Hat $50.00

Porkpie hats are were a big deal during the Great Depression and were recognized as the hat of Jazz and Blues musicians. The name stems from the days when old battered brims of dress hats were used over pie trays. It still remains a favorite to this day and the many versions of it are worn by both men and women.

2. Non-Weather Gloves

There are sets of day gloves on Etsy but you might be better off crocheting or sewing your own because sizing differs when it comes to vintage gloves and most times you’ll find that they’re cut small which should come at no surprise.

3. Muffs

Picture 8

Mod Cloth

Jean-Charles de Castelbajac RTW 2014

Jean-Charles de Castelbajac (JCDC) is a fashion designer from Morocco. With a background like his, one would have never thought he’d grow to become a designer with such colorful and witty collections. He spent his childhood at military boarding school so you can just imagine how colorless his world was which he showed in his first collection. Now you know him for things like Madonna’s teddy bear coat, costumes from Eddie Murphy’s “Coming to America” styling M.I.A and Santigold, oh and the mess that was Lady Gaga’s Kermit the frog coat. I honestly think that was a coat that only Miss Piggy herself would have, should have loved.

My favorites…

JCDC Spring 2002 Collection

Spring 2002 Collection

Reminds me of a few villains I watched on the cartoon “Josie and the Pussycats” hehehe

If only Cruella De Vil loved leopards and their print as much as me!

He is a favorite of mine because he allows his imagination to push the boundaries of what ready-to-wear should consist of. He plays on pop culture, uses mixed media, and bright colors. He takes fashion to another level. If a psychiatrist were to ask him what he saw in an ink blot they’d better be ready for his answer. He makes me want to find the fun in everything and be bold in creating. Sometimes I’m reminded how much I disliked or loved a certain thing from different genres through his work. He’s something like the little kid in art class that uses whatever they find and their creative mind to create that huge knight and castle that you can’t really see because your interpretation of what’s in front of you is different from theirs. Isn’t that what art is all about?

His Spring 2014 collection hit the runways recently. Take a look…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Did you see the gold lips glasses? Is it bad that I want to DIY a pair? I kinda dig those! Happy Cyber Monday folks and I hope you enjoyed the Thanksgiving holiday with those you love.

Jingle Bells: Christmas Gift Guide 2013

I’ve looked everywhere for gift ideas and then I narrowed my list down to a few that I think will make good gifts for people we love. Keep an eye out on their sites for deals since black Friday is coming up next week and let me know what you think of the picks!

Know someone changing their eating habits?

Steams flavorful, healthy dishes in under 15 minutes  Tupperware $29

Steams flavorful, healthy dishes in under 15 minutes. Also used for reheating.

SEPHORA COLLECTION  Party Invite Clutch Brush Set $44

Party Invite Clutch Brush Set

For the artsy science geek… OMG, is that me?

The Elements Puzzle ModCloth $17.99

The Elements Puzzle

Learn, Rinse, Repeat Shower Curtain ModCloth $32.99

Learn, Rinse, Repeat Shower Curtain

and their kids… and maybe me hehehe

Complete set of The Magic School Bus on DVD Amazon $39.41

Complete set of The Magic School Bus on DVD

Every father could use these…

Mens Leather Scuff Peter Alexander $39.90

Mens Leather Scuff
Peter Alexander

For the gardner or plant lover… like me

Plant Mister Terrain $12

Plant Mister

Emiel Box Garden Tools Flamant Home Interiors   $240.00

Emiel Box Garden Tools
Flamant Home Interiors

This kitchen looks just like mommy and daddys!

KidKraft Uptown Kitchen Amazon $143.99

KidKraft Uptown Kitchen

Teach them all about cooking and the importance of nutrition & entrepreneurship while you’re spending quality time together…

Taste of Home Kid-Approved Cookbook: 300+ Family Tested Fun Foods $7.99

Taste of Home Kid-Approved Cookbook: 300+ Family Tested Fun Foods

Perfect picnic addition…

Medley in the Meadow Speaker Blanket Modcloth $59.99

Medley in the Meadow Speaker Blanket

Hallmark had these and they were pretty pricey when I was younger so I only have a few but if your looking for them now, check Ebay for deals. Start a collection for your little one or purchase for an older loved one. Share the stories…
Henry Flipper was the first African American to graduate from the United States Military Academy at West Point.

Henry Flipper Figurine Miss Martha - All God's Children

Henry Flipper Figurine
Miss Martha – All God’s Children

Keep wine bottles closed & chill

The Chill - Wine Chiller, Pourer, Stopper Give Simple $20

The Chill – Wine Chiller, Pourer, Stopper
Give Simple

Tired of listening to Sportscenter while you’re trying to sleep? Get your husband a pair of these… or Beats of course

2.4GHz Wireless TV Headphones Brookstone $99.99

2.4GHz Wireless TV Headphones

Film Industrial Bookends $47.99

Film Industrial Bookends

Control the flow of salad dressing with this…

For your salad dressing... Go With The Flow Oil Can 16fl oz  USD$74.99 Curtis Stone

For your salad dressing… Go With The Flow Oil Can 16fl oz
Curtis Stone

I know plenty of people who could use these, do you?

The Wine Sippy Cup Give Simple $12.95

The Wine Sippy Cup
Give Simple

I don’t find many picnic baskets when I’m thrifting so for all of you who want a nice, clean, new one…

Ellis White Picnic Basket Flamant Home Interiors   $137.00

Ellis White Picnic Basket
Flamant Home Interiors

picnic basket 2

Kid love to discover! Kids Discover has several titles on everything from Civil Rights to the Middle Ages and Wetlands.

That completes this year’s guide. You can still find things from my 2012  list so take a gander at that one if you have time. Happy shopping!

Fall Photo Fun

I LOATHE the cold and I’m reminded every morning when I open the door to leave for work. It was all good a couple weeks ago when I took these pictures.

Dearest Fall,

Why did you abandon me? 



IMG_0492-001 watermark 2

IMG_0521-001 watermark

IMG_0501-001 watermark

Weekend Reads


1. These containers have been an awesome addition to my tupperware collection. They preserve my fresh fruits and veggies longer than you’d normally be able to keep them! I’m always amazed to go back after having forgotten about strawberries or something and find that they are still fresh! They offer air circulation and advanced moisture protection with a venting system. I’ve put them in the dishwasher and they still work fine. Get your own set on the Tupperware site here.

2. Plaid is trending but it you are plus-sized and hesitant to wear stripes going in any direction at all then check out Alyssa’s (Stylish Curves) post on two ways to wear the look.


3. To Flatten A Heroine: Artist Puts Disney Princess Filter On 10 Real Life Female Role Models link

4. How to Never Regret a Purchase Again. Link

5. The Miss Universe Pageant is this saturday. For the inside scoop on the beautiful contestants, click here.

weekend reads

6. Anna Sui’s Minnie Mouse Make-Up Collection. Link

Note: Don’t forget that it is Veterans Day is Monday so you’ll find some sales this weekend. Keep that in mind because Christmas is right around the corner! Have a great weekend.

Lazy Oaf And Looney Tunes Collabo

Way way way, way back in the day the Looney Tunes were EVERYWHERE. You remember the Looney Tunes right? They had a crew that included Taz, Marvin the Martian, Tweety Bird, my dude Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck and a string of other members.  They had a show and enough merchandise to fill a warehouse and at one time or another Warner Bros. did host their merchandise in a Maryland warehouse to make distributing things to retailers a little easier.  I’m sure that wasn’t the only one though. I would sit and watch Bugs Bunny on tv like he was my boo and he was shooting in the gym. I tried to support everything he did, visit him at the theme parks, wear his shirts, and a watch. I had a big pillow that Warner Bros. still makes (I checked their site) and I even had a Looney Tunes bed set but unfortunately it wasn’t one for Bugs.  It was a pink Tweety Bird set and I asked for it repeatedly because I didn’t want it to sell out like the other one I had my eye on in a Fingerhut magazine. They could’ve at least had Lola you know?! I’m still torn between baby Looney Tunes and The Peanuts as far as kiddie bedrooms are concerned.


The one I had my eye one. I was never fond of Tweety but my cuzzo loved that bird sooo much lol

My set looked something like this. I don't know where mine is but Google helped me find it online.

My set looked something like this. I don’t know where mine is but Google helped me find it online.

Anywho, on to more current cartoon fashion affairs. Lazy Oaf, a London based clothing line has collaborated with Looney Tunes and I’m trying to be all in the mix while I’m still at an age where I can get away with wearing cartoon apparel without my peers side-eying me. Hopefully I can find my old stuff but if not Etsy and Ebay have a few things and if I can’t find what I want on those sites well there’s always this collabo. Take a look…

loony LOONEY LOOKBOOK 18 LOONEY LOOKBOOK 15 LOONEY LOOKBOOK 13 LOONEY LOOKBOOK 7 LOONEY LOOKBOOK 6 lazy-oaf-looney-tunes-7 lazy-oaf-looney-tunes-5 lazy-oaf-looney-tunes-8 lazy-oaf-looney-tunes-10 lazy-oaf-looney-tunes-9 lazy-oaf-looney-tunes


Welcome to the ‘Space Jam’