Ms. Petersen hardly subscribes to labels, however, she will gladly utilize them in an effort to Define Chic.

From safety pins to saran wrap, scraps of leftover fabric to spray paint- Ms. Petersen or as she is more affectionately known, “MP”, realized early that inspiration could be found anywhere. After years of playing dress-up and foray into fashion, Ms. Petersen recognized the emersion of D.I.Ys and their subsequent takeover of the blogosphere and knew she had found her niche.

A novice to blogging but no stranger to do-it-yourself projects, MP’s latest endeavor incorporates her passion for fashion and love of design. Define Chic is a fresh, up and coming blog dedicated to fashion forward DIY’s, product reviews, and thrifted finds. Define Chic serves to promote ingenuity, sophistication, and fun. Moreover, Define Chic is the vision board of its creator and the look book of the posh and the artless alike.

As the creator of Define Chic, MP hopes to inspire and motivate her readers to not only to define their personal view of chic, but also to challenge prescribed definitions of art and beauty.

                            Who better to DEFINE Chic than you?!

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