New Year Goals


Forget a resolution because after the month of January most of us aren’t following through. I have decided to make a short list of goals that I hope to accomplish this year when it comes to DEFINE Chic and crafting and I thought I’d share.

1. New Website. This is just about finished. I have a few visuals I want to get right before I do the big reveal. Who knew it would be so much work getting posts from this site to the new one. I opted to do them manually because some things have no business being transferred. Can’t wait to share the new site with you!

2. Cut Back on Shopping. I have A LOT of craft supplies. Beads, bows, ribbons, hair clips, sequin trims, you name it and it’s in stock. I need to find a way to use everything I have instead of running to the craft store for new stuff.

3. Continue Making What I Want. I’m not big on making things that I don’t plan to use but it’s kind of hard not to be swayed sometimes by things I see. I don’t mind following a trend every now and then but friendship bracelets for what?

4. Plan better. I have ideas and they lead to scribbled notes on post-its at work but maybe I could take it a step further and specifically put down what I need to purchase. This could help with #2 because I’m sure if I go through my collection of stuff I’m sure I’d find that I had most of the materials.

5. Make It. Post It. I’m bad at posting my projects but I don’t mind posting me wearing them. This is mainly because on here I like to provide the step by step and that involves pictures and words and while I don’t mind doing it, I do lol. It’s work. I love to create but this extra stuff I could honestly do without. That has to change and this will be the year it does.

Do you have any goals for 2014? Share them with me!


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