Vintage Styles Make A Comeback

Hi all! I’ve been pretty busy trying to set up a new and improved site so please bear with me. Since I’ve not yet finished, I thought it would only be right to continue posting here in the meantime. Last week,  Rebecca Adams & Raydene Salinas wrote an article for the Huffington Post about 10 vintage styles that need to comeback. I agreed with everything on their list except the flapper’s headbands. They were great accessories for that time period but if they come back then the wardrobe needs to accompany them because they went hand in hand. After reading the items on that list, I ventured off to search for a few of them so I could deliver them to you! To read the other items on the list, click here.

1. Daytime Hats

Anthro Cloche 2

Lewis Cloche $68

Lewis Cloche $68

Anthropologie is one of the first places I look to for vintage headwear. They always have hats, stoles, gloves, and fascinators that could potentially transform your outfit if done correctly.

Coche hats were invented by milliner Caroline Reboux in 1908 although they didn’t take off until the flapper era begining in 1920. The hats are known for their bell shape as cloche is french for “bell.” The hat was well liked for protecting a woman’s eyes from sunlight and withstanding the force of wind. I read somewhere that it became a custom for women to relay their marital status  using a bow on their hat. A firm knot for marriage, a loose delicate bow to signify a unavailable due to being in relationship and of course a famboyant bow to say she was single and up for mingling. I wonder what they had to say she was single and content… then again I guess there weren’t too many of those huh?

Pork Pie Hat - TopShop

Top Shop Pork Pie Hat $50.00

Porkpie hats are were a big deal during the Great Depression and were recognized as the hat of Jazz and Blues musicians. The name stems from the days when old battered brims of dress hats were used over pie trays. It still remains a favorite to this day and the many versions of it are worn by both men and women.

2. Non-Weather Gloves

There are sets of day gloves on Etsy but you might be better off crocheting or sewing your own because sizing differs when it comes to vintage gloves and most times you’ll find that they’re cut small which should come at no surprise.

3. Muffs

Picture 8

Mod Cloth


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