Weekend Reads


1. These containers have been an awesome addition to my tupperware collection. They preserve my fresh fruits and veggies longer than you’d normally be able to keep them! I’m always amazed to go back after having forgotten about strawberries or something and find that they are still fresh! They offer air circulation and advanced moisture protection with a venting system. I’ve put them in the dishwasher and they still work fine. Get your own set on the Tupperware site here.

2. Plaid is trending but it you are plus-sized and hesitant to wear stripes going in any direction at all then check out Alyssa’s (Stylish Curves) post on two ways to wear the look.


3. To Flatten A Heroine: Artist Puts Disney Princess Filter On 10 Real Life Female Role Models link

4. How to Never Regret a Purchase Again. Link

5. The Miss Universe Pageant is this saturday. For the inside scoop on the beautiful contestants, click here.

weekend reads

6. Anna Sui’s Minnie Mouse Make-Up Collection. Link

Note: Don’t forget that it is Veterans Day is Monday so you’ll find some sales this weekend. Keep that in mind because Christmas is right around the corner! Have a great weekend.


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