Lazy Oaf And Looney Tunes Collabo

Way way way, way back in the day the Looney Tunes were EVERYWHERE. You remember the Looney Tunes right? They had a crew that included Taz, Marvin the Martian, Tweety Bird, my dude Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck and a string of other members.  They had a show and enough merchandise to fill a warehouse and at one time or another Warner Bros. did host their merchandise in a Maryland warehouse to make distributing things to retailers a little easier.  I’m sure that wasn’t the only one though. I would sit and watch Bugs Bunny on tv like he was my boo and he was shooting in the gym. I tried to support everything he did, visit him at the theme parks, wear his shirts, and a watch. I had a big pillow that Warner Bros. still makes (I checked their site) and I even had a Looney Tunes bed set but unfortunately it wasn’t one for Bugs.  It was a pink Tweety Bird set and I asked for it repeatedly because I didn’t want it to sell out like the other one I had my eye on in a Fingerhut magazine. They could’ve at least had Lola you know?! I’m still torn between baby Looney Tunes and The Peanuts as far as kiddie bedrooms are concerned.


The one I had my eye one. I was never fond of Tweety but my cuzzo loved that bird sooo much lol

My set looked something like this. I don't know where mine is but Google helped me find it online.

My set looked something like this. I don’t know where mine is but Google helped me find it online.

Anywho, on to more current cartoon fashion affairs. Lazy Oaf, a London based clothing line has collaborated with Looney Tunes and I’m trying to be all in the mix while I’m still at an age where I can get away with wearing cartoon apparel without my peers side-eying me. Hopefully I can find my old stuff but if not Etsy and Ebay have a few things and if I can’t find what I want on those sites well there’s always this collabo. Take a look…

loony LOONEY LOOKBOOK 18 LOONEY LOOKBOOK 15 LOONEY LOOKBOOK 13 LOONEY LOOKBOOK 7 LOONEY LOOKBOOK 6 lazy-oaf-looney-tunes-7 lazy-oaf-looney-tunes-5 lazy-oaf-looney-tunes-8 lazy-oaf-looney-tunes-10 lazy-oaf-looney-tunes-9 lazy-oaf-looney-tunes


Welcome to the ‘Space Jam’


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