DIY Spotlight: Mirror Glass Vases


This is a short and sweet DIY brought to you by a DEFINEchic reader. The only things you need for this project are:


  • A spray bottle filled with water
  • Newpaper
  • Looking glass mirror-like spray paint
  • Vase of your choice (If you find one with a flute or bottle nose neck, it will turn out better)

1. Cover your workspace with newspaper

2. Spray water all around the inside of your vase

3. Spray the looking glass spray inside your vase. Let it dry and repeat the water and spray paint with at least 2 more coats or until you get the look you desire.

NOTE: Less water produces more of a solid silver color as seen in the picture. The vase with the flower has little to no areas of transparency.

These vases remind me of that crackle look people do with their nails but I will say that I think this might take a little more practice to get the look you desire. I tried it and I was not happy with the turn out but I think that is because there was no funky shape to my vase. No curves or clever neck shape. Oh welp, happy DIYing folks! Keep it up and if you have one you want to share, email pics and instructions to


2 thoughts on “DIY Spotlight: Mirror Glass Vases

    • She had one that was soooo pretty, it looked store bought and I broke it before I could get the picture but yes, give it a try! The little candle holder votive holder looked like it could bring a nice cozy and chic look to home decor for the holiday season so I might do a few of those myself.

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