Stop Shop: Yours/Mine Secondhand Shopping Soiree (#YMSSS)

Patrice pictured outside of the event!

Patrice pictured outside of the event!

The Yours/Mine Secondhand Shopping Soiree (YMSSS) is a women’s secondhand and vintage clothing and accessory sip and shop, pop-up shop. The event takes place in the Washington DC area 4 times a year and it’s geared toward us chic ladies who wish to find stylish threads that fit within our budget. This event was thought up by Patrice W., a native of D.C. who wanted to bring small shops under one roof for the benefit of not only herself but others. Shoppers at YMSSS no longer have to go from store to store wasting gas to find fashionable accessories and clothing. Shoppers are also encouraged to become vendors so that they can not buy new things but make money off of their own items.

I think there were at least 250 fashionista’s who came to the soiree last Saturday, October 19th. The event took place at MOVA from 11 to 3 and just as quickly as you saw items, you could go back to a table and find the same one you were thinking about, gone. I had the chance to speak to a few owners of the small shops to get some information I could share with all of you.

Red Zipper

The first shop I want to bring your attention to is the DMV’s own shop, Red Zipper. Established in 2011 by Lydia Jefferson, Red Zipper has more to the name than zippers and the color red, however, I thought the items that were kind of reconstructed to make room for an actual red zipper were a nice touch. Lydia has shirts for men and women, boys and girls that fashionably speak out on the subject of bullies. Lydia also told me about a new collection she has made using doctor surgical scrubs. The collection wasn’t present but she gave me a small book featuring pieces that she used in a contest. From what she said, the surgical scrubs are hard to recycle so there was a contest for designers to get crafty and find ways to repurpose the scrubs. I can’t find the booklet now that I’m looking for it but I’m sure if you contact her on Red Zipper’s Facebook page, she’ll provide you with more information. I think it’s awesome that she cares enough about certain issues to touch on them through fashion!

Nic’s Picks

Who doesn’t love a nice family? I felt welcome in the space of Nic’s Picks. The owner’s name is Whitney and she was accompanied by her younger sister Taylor and her husband. I didn’t find out that her name wasn’t Nic until the end of our convo. Her grandfather’s name is used because he was an entrepreneur and family members say that they are reminded of him by her. Whitney like most shop owners, finds a lot of her pieces at estate sales. She researches the prices and either gets them cleaned or she cleans them herself with the help of her sister and husband. She’s been in business almost a year and something interesting that she’s noticed over time is that younger customers love clip-on earrings. Whether they are taking them to make shoe clips, hair ties or other accessories is unknown to her but she doesn’t keep them for long. Sequins and animal print pieces are her favorite things to find. The thing I loved about this small group was that Taylor wants to grow up to become a surgeon and you can tell her family is behind her dreams 100% 😀 Shop Nic’s Picks here.

I love that black dress with the pop of the blue and purple at the bottom!

I love that black dress with the pop of the blue and purple at the bottom!

Haute Crave

This shop is owned by 2 sisters and their friend. They had a desire to be fashion forward and decided to start selling handbags which has grown to now include clothing. They buy items all the way from NY to ATL and they strive to keep the pricing affordable. They currently sell items on Etsy, find their items here. I saw some quilted bags at Target for $26.50 but found one that was made of genuine leather on Haute Crave’s rack for $25. I plan on DIYing some small dome studs in the crosses of the bag but we’ll see… I may need to wait til I wear it a few times.

photo 3

The bags in the bucket including this one were all $5

photo 4

The glove fannypack was gone by the time I came around a second time!


Beyond the Velvet Rope Boutique

I jokingly mentioned that the name of this shop make me think of Janet Jackson. The name was actually thought of by two friends March and Katina who wanted a name that made customers feel special and what better way to do that then to provide VIP treatment? With the idea t hat “fashion is not exclusive” these ladies have been in business since July of 2012. They sell clothing and accessories for women online and of course at pop-up shops. See more information about their limited quantity items and the charity work they do here.

Elan Renegade Vintage

Courtney Burton is the owner of this shop and she was in attendance with a friend of hers who was assisting her. She studied public health in undergrad and Sociology in grad school but her love of fashion has always been in existence so she felt the push to open up shop. Elan Renegade Vintage has been around for almost 3 years, it started on Ebay and she gradually made the move over to Etsy for an audience that would appreciate what she had to offer. Prices in her shop are based on market rates and how long she’s had them on hand. Her favorite items shop for are things with sequins and coats. She loves pop-up shops because of the interaction she gets to have with other fashionistas like herself. She hasn’t update her blog since February this year but check it out here. Shop here.



My phone was on the charger by the time I worked my way to this shop so I couldn’t take down notes in my app. I do recall that the name has to do with the endless opportunities in fashion. I sure hope I didn’t make that up just now hehehe. The owner R. Parker-Mckenzie was very nice and she told me she actually got taken off of Etsy because what she was selling didn’t meet their criteria. She buys wholesale items and sells them here. What I appreciate most about her shop is that there is a nice selection of plus size items as well.

Egyptian print leggings.

Egyptian print leggings.

Instant Vintage 78

I spent quite a bit of time at this shop running with clothes in my hand to the bathroom to try them on and back out to mirrors to see the full fit. This shop is owned by two down to earth  friends, Samantha and Stacie. They pride themselves on having unique and stylish clothes and accessories that are the perfect mix of vintage and what’s current and I must say I think they’ve got a good eye for what they feel that should resemble. I had to leave two pieces with them in an attempt to stay under my budget but I will be getting them from they’re online Etsy shop, found here.

Those aren’t the only shops that were there but that happens to be the end of my notes and business card pile. Patrice, the creator of YMSSS had a rack and table up of her things too so no one should feel like they can’t come sell clothes from inside their own closet. I was two seconds from buying a cute green coat she had. If you follow @shopymsss on IG then you’ll find us pictured together.

More pictures from the event are below.

I believe the next YMSSS shop will take place in December so  stay tuned for more information!

photo 5


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