Herbs 101: Flavoring Beyond Salt and Pepper

I reblogged this post from Life & Dim Sum for those of you who may be new to cooking and looking to add more flavor to some of your dishes.


The only time salt & pepper should be the only seasoning you add to a meal is when you’re making a steak or a beef burger. Other than that, you need to make sure your dish has plenty of love(aka flavor).

The best way to build complex & distinct flavor in a dish is by adding herbs.


I prefer fresh herbs but in a pinch, dried will do as well. Just note that you will always need to add more fresh herbs than dried herbs(2-3 times as much) to a recipe to achieve the same level of flavor.

What are my favorite herbs? Well, I’m glad you asked.herbs0

1. Thyme thyme

This one is my absolute fav! I use it on chicken, beef & pork. In sauces, Dominican style rice & pigeon peas and literally in everything. Dried or fresh, anytime I’m cooking and feel like something is missing, I…

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