Made for Tv: “House of Versace”


Lifetime TV is at it again with another movie you don’t want to miss. Remember when you would spend your days on the couch their movies? Oh, you still do that? Hehe, well that’s okay because this Saturday you won’t be alone… at least for a few hours. This Saturday, October 5th at 8 p.m. Eastern, you can watch Gina Gershon in the role of Donatella Versace. “House of Versace” stars Gina Gershon in full pout and platinum blond wig as Donatella Versace. The summary on the site states that the movie chronicles “”Donatella’s inspiring triumph over tragedy by carrying on her brother’s legacy.” Following the movie’s premiere, at 10 p.m., Lifetime will air an hour-long documentary, “Versace: Beyond the Headlines.” The documentary is said to provide an in-depth look at Gianni Versace’s start and rise to fame and feature interviews with those who knew him best.

Will  you be watching?


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