Thrifted Find and More on Terrence J.


This is the only good picture from that day… the other’s weren’t very clear :-/

I’ve seen enough of this next thrifted find. The fabric/print will always remind me of an old lady’s couch, some ragged vintage piece of tapestry or some luggage lost in the attic and for good reason. I have never been fond of it but one day about two weeks ago, I went to the thrift store and ran into this messenger bag for $4. It wasn’t bad-looking so I picked it up and recently wore it to the book festival on Sunday. Skip to the bottom for more about Terrence J’s short talk session.


Just incase you’re looking for your own granny’s attic chic piece, I’ve done some work for you:

Mod Cloth Someone Ladylike You Flat $65.99

Mod Cloth
Someone Ladylike You Flat $65.99

New Look Medieval Tapestry Sneakers  $16.88

New Look Medieval Tapestry Sneakers

ASOS RECLAIMED VINTAGE Jacket in Tapestry Floral $101.26

ASOS RECLAIMED VINTAGE Jacket in Tapestry Floral

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ASOS RECLAIMED VINTAGE LOOK Backpack in Floral Tapestry

Sheekshat Skater Dress $94

Skater Dress

Target $12.99

Target $12.99

Shop Ruche Tennyson Tapestry Oxfords By Restricted $48.99

Shop Ruche
Tennyson Tapestry Oxfords By Restricted $48.99

Glamorous Tapestry Coat RRP $84.38 $50.63

Glamorous Tapestry Coat
RRP $84.38

Bellfield Tapestry Bomber Jacket With Fur Trim Hood $109.69

Bellfield Tapestry Bomber Jacket With Fur Trim Hood

Before I end this post, I want to tell you a few things that I remember from Terrence J’s presentation on Sunday. I missed the opportunity to tell you on Monday’s post and while I did mention one story he told on Twitter, I thought it only right to add it to this post for those of you who don’t follow me and/or don’t have Twitter.

I wish I would have taped it for you but I thought that would be a bit rude and a distraction to my listening ears. Terrence J. told us about how much of a challenge it was just to get on BET’s 106 & Park. When he was in school, he heard about the NY audition but he only had about $400 in his bank account at the time. Plane tickets prices to NY were astronomical at about $600 most likely because this was a last-minute effort. Thankfully the young lady he was dating at the time allowed him to borrow the rest from her just so he could take the first step to accomplishing his goal. After the audition in NY he was told, “No.” He didn’t appear to have what they were looking for so like any tired person, on the drive home, he went to sleep. When he woke up, he was in Philly and when he asked why, the friend who was driving told him that he heard about another audition taking place in Atlanta and he thought Terrence should be in attendance. The friend drove him to yet another friend who would drive him the rest of the way and Terrence took this time to use what he learned in the first audition to prepare for this second one. With that long of a drive what better thing is there to do than rehearse lines and build your confidence, right?

Once he reached the Atlanta auditions, they weren’t letting anyone else in and Terrence told a little fib, “I was here already but I left my phone outside so I had to get it.” The badge or name tag he wore to NY’s audition helped to validate his story because how else would you get one of those if you weren’t already in there. He went from round to round and finally made it through to becoming the next host of 106 & Park. While working there he made lasting friendships, studied acting, finished school, and eventually got the job of actor in “Think Like A Man.” He also did a bit of networking and ended up doing the radio show, “Khloe After Dark” with Khloe Kardashian. That show was produced by Ryan Seacrest and as you know Ryan Seacrest was E News’ managing editor and also the producer of their red carpet coverage. Can you see how one thing led to another?

Without those quality friendships he made with those friends of his and that persistence and determination, he would have stopped in NY. His friends believed in him enough to take time out of their schedules to help him reach that one goal even after he was told no the first time because he believed in himself!  Those friends were with him at the festival and you probably see them with him often and rightfully so!

A few other things I made note of?

  • Network but don’t just network, nurture those relationships. Take a minute to go by someones workplace to say hello and take them coffee or send a card if you happen to know their birthday. It’s one thing to give someone a resume, every and anyone can do that or ask for a job or reference but when they know a little more about the kind of person you are, they may not mind putting in a good word, or passing your name along. Now this is one I knew but I can’t say that I was exercising it as well as I should have been. Can’t just follow-up folks!
  • Spend a little more time actually getting to know your family members. Terrence told us that while he knew his mom prior to making his book, they both know each other 10x better now. In “Think Like A Man” he is a momma’s boy but he let us know that that is not the real deal. He is a man and like most, when it came to venting or you know just talking, he didn’t really turn to her. It was while filming and writing that he took time to ask her simple questions like what her hobbies were growing up or what she was passionate about. All he knew up until that point was that she used to punish him for staying out past curfew and all that other stuff we as kids know so well, chores, study hard, work hard, curfew, blah blah blah haha. After his mother read the book, Terrence told us that she cried because the book was kind of like his vent session and there were  things she wasn’t aware of. Let’s see… what else:
  • He mentioned that BET was very nurturing to his blossoming career. They allowed him the freedom to pursue side ventures. They kept him on the payroll and helped him grow into a better host because he knows he wasn’t the best when he first started hosting.
  • To all of the people pursing careers in media know that you can get to where he is and surpass him if you’re a diligent and hard-working. Plenty of people told him that studying mass communications wouldn’t pay off and certainly not on a national level for him being a black male but look how far he’s come and he’s just getting started. There will always be people to tell you no but there WILL be a yes if you keep going.
  • He understands that there are other things that take our time away from doing things we need to do to reach our goals like caring for family or need another job for additional income. He had a girlfriend that passed away in addition to needing to pay school loans and just get by but he was determined to overcome those struggles. Just keep swimming!
  • He mentioned watching Charles Barkley or another esteemed basketball player on tv back in the day. They were talking about how they weren’t a role model and he said the more they said that, the more he thought otherwise. He knows that people do look up to him and he doesn’t mind being put in that position. He believes the more responsibility you are given the more you take on even if you don’t think you signed up for that specific task. There are some things that come along with the territory and we cannot shy away from them with excuses.That’s all I can manage to remember at this point in time.  To see what I wore Saturday to the festival click here. I have finished TJ’s book and it was a nice read. I already know of someone I’m going to buy a copy for and if you’re a mentor then you might want to check this one out. To those of you that support my blog and my endeavors, I want to say thank you. Whether you’ve left a comment, liked a post, shared a post, purchased an item, sent me a contact, sent a contact my way, gave me feedback whether it was positive or negative, or just asked me how things were going, please know that I am thankful for your support. My wish for you all is that if you haven’t found your passion, that you find it and not allow anything to deter you on your journey to fulfill whatever that vision entails.

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