Beauty Buy: Essence Nail Art Express Dry Drops



As most of you know, I almost NEVER paint my nails. NEVER and that includes clear polish… I know, not a very girly thing to say but hey, I don’t pride myself on being as girly as the best of them all. Nail art and polish was never something I felt that I needed to stay on top of and while that could have something to do with me not being able to get them painted ’til I was 16, I doubt that one rule had everything to do with it. Just seems like such a waste to paint nails and adorn them with jewels if they aren’t going to stay for more than 72 hours.  Both of my parents have nice strong nails that could potentially grow long like mine if they let them. I had a teacher in the 7th grade who taught English and used to compliment me on my hands and nails all the time, “You should be a hand model,” she would say. The most I do is file them to keep them from breaking in the darndest of places and hurting my feelings as I try to rip the remaining nail from skin. As fall approaches I found a color that I wouldn’t mind wearing for most of the season. I have no desire to switch up like most people, especially since my desire to paint them isn’t there. Like I was saying, I found a color and now all I need is to keep it from chipping and get it to dry fast.

Onto my review…

These Express Dry Drops were mentioned on so I went to Ulta to purchase my own and test them out. The drops have vitamin E and almond oil so your cuticles get some love too. The drops come with a dropper, which makes applying it to wet nails a piece of cake. I just dropped a little on in less under 60 seconds, my nails were 100% dry. I used two coats of polish, then the Dry Drops. When I say dry I don’t mean go do the dishes dry though, more like get in the car and drive or throw a bag over your shoulder without fear of smudges. For $2.99 it was sure ’nuff worth the money.



Essence also has a Gel Look Top Coat ($2.49) and I purchased that as well. The bottle said that it was supposed to enhance shine, minimize chipping and provide a glossy textured finish. Two nail products for under $6, I couldn’t say no. Prior to using it, I heard it took eons to dry but I wanted to know how fast it would dry if you put the drops over top of them. What I found was that I loved the smooth texture it provided but I can’t say it was anymore shiny than a regular bottle of top coat polish. When I put the dry drops over top, the gel might have taken a little over 60 seconds to dry but I was hesitant to touch for that long so I’m not 100% sure. I ended up with a slight wrinkle because I went to test it at about 40 seconds.

Overall I probably wouldn’t buy the gel again but the dry drops? For under $5 bucks? Yes. Do you have any products that help to prevent chipping? If so, what are they?


2 thoughts on “Beauty Buy: Essence Nail Art Express Dry Drops

  1. I swear the search for the product that offers the quickest dry time for polishes never ends! lol I personally love Essie’s Good To Go. It’s a topcoat though, not drops and will set you back $8 or so bucks. Not the most cost effective but I rarely if ever have smudges!

    I may have to try those drops though. I always love experimenting with new products!

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