DIY: Sass and Bide Fringe Capelet


I saw this capelet in Sass and Bide’s collection last year and after I finally made my own this year. Took me forever to get started but now that I’ve completed it, I’m sharing!

While shopping I always come across items that I like and wish to recreate but never seem to do. All of the DIYers out there know what I mean. Last year Sass & Bide created a collection that I was fond of and in that collection was a fringed capelet that called my name. For whatever reason I never got around to making my own but thank goodness fringe is still in so all hope is not lost! I’ve taken the time out to find a way to make my own version of their capelet and I think I did okay (I’ll let you be the judge.)


  • Shirt
  • Aleene’s Fabric Fusion (optional)
  • Needle
  • Thread
  • Pins
  • Measuring tape
  • Scissors
  • Fringe trim
  • Marking pen or pencil

I bought a women’s shirt from the thrift store. I wanted one with some weight, thickness, and stretch to it and settled for a boatneck top in a size medium. Small would have been nice but I was anxious to get started so going from store to store was out of the question. This shirt was 3/4th sleeve but I’d advise you to buy a short sleeved top to skip a step. To have yours resemble Sass & Bide’s capelet you’ll also want to see to it that your top is a crew neck style.

The black fringe is from Hobby Lobby and I purchased 4 yards. The attendance took the trim and wrapped it around me from should to shoulder to make sure I would have enough and a little extra to spare. I chose the color that matched my shirt.

Start off by folding the bottom of the shirt up to meet where the underarms are located. Cut the shirt straight across.

Picture 1

I had to try my shirt on and use my measuring tape to gauge where I wanted to cut the sleeves. I opened the seam and marked where I wanted to cut them. Be better than me and find a short sleeve shirt so you don’t have to bother with this step.

Picture 2

Picture 5

Picture 3

After I cut the shape I decided that wasn’t what I was going for so I removed more fabric.

Picture 4

Starting at the shoulder seam closest to the head opening, begin to pin the fringed trim to the shirt. Once you pin a layer to one side, you can sew it on and then do the other side.

Picture 7

I chose to pin all of my layers on and sew my trim on by hand in the end. If you choose glue then you can pin and glue as you go. If you are going to use glue, you still want to sew the shoulders down and other sections or you can choose to sew all of the fringe on after securing it where you want it with the glue.

If it’s helpful, you can mark the distance between layers before you begin to pin.

Keep pinning and sewing until you have as many layers as you desire. When you get to the sleeves and the bottom of that ‘U’ or half oval that you cut, you can continue to pin and sew/glue. Cut at the edge of the fabric and head to the other side to do the same. You’ll want to stop and check to make sure the layers are even as you go along. You can see where I started to meet the edge of the fabric before cutting in the last picture above.

Picture 6

Finished product!

Picture 9


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