Thrifted Find

I spend countless hours pretending that I’m a wide-eyed attendee sitting in audience of every fabulous fashion show. So what if I’m sitting at desk scrolling through the collections of designers on my computer, a girl can dream! Anywho, every once in a while when I’m off thrifting and I walk past an item that takes me back to my daydreamed seat amongst the stars and on this particular day, I was reminded of the Ralph Lauren collection he presented last year, the one that soon became Spring 2013 RTW. He turned the runway into an ode to all things Spanish with fedoras, frilled sleeves, matador suits, fringe, ponchos and crocheted accent pieces. The main color of his collection was black but tomatoe red, turquoise, gold, different prints and textures kept your eyes open and anticipating what was next. It felt like I was watching a film of some sort or like I was visiting and watching entertainment up close and personal. Funny how one thrifted find can do all of that for a person huh?

Well here’s what I found…

Thrifted blanket

Ok, sure it’s not the cutest thing you ever did see but you could DIY this sucker into a marvelous treasure! Use your imagination 🙂

Now here’s a few pieces from Ralph Lauren’s Spring 2013 RTW collection:

I haven’t caught too many people’s style hit with the Spanish influence this year so far but finding things like the blanket made me think the fall and winter would be a good time for me to personally touch on that. Heaven knows I hate the cold so festive colors and accessories could help me feel alive and warm. Any blanket could easily become a poncho and just like that you could have a new staple piece in your closet. You never know what you’ll find on a thrift adventure… could find yourself daydreaming about a Mexican celebration with flavorful food and big smiles all around… like me hehehe.


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