Tell Me About It, Stud: Cute And Small Picks for Your Ears

Earrings are a fun accessory and I love a stud that’s not your ordinary pearl, knot, ball or triangle. Take a look at a few I found for dressing up or down. Plenty of people wear studs and the tiny things always stand a chance of getting lost so keep these in mind when you’re thinking of Christmas gifts.

Alphabet Studs $32 Catbird

Alphabet Studs $32

Square Multi-Pack $10.13 Asos

Square Multi-Pack $10.13


MRS $48
Kate Spade

Amelia $175 Auden

Amelia $175
These just scream “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” to me!

Zip It Studs $58 Marc by Marc Jacobs

Zip It Studs $58
Marc by Marc Jacobs

Leopard Studs $38 Juicy Couture

Leopard Studs $38
Juicy Couture

Pave Heart Lock Bauble Bar

Pave Heart Lock
Bauble Bar

Peacock Studs $24 Bauble Bar

Peacock Studs $24
Bauble Bar

Mix Master Stud Set Bauble Bar

Mix Master Stud Set $18
Bauble Bar

Jenny Lewis Earrings Stella and Bow

Jenny Lewis Earrings
Stella and Bow

Golden Arrow Studs

Golden Arrow Studs

Twitter Earrings Etsy $35

Twitter Earrings


5 Things You Should Buy At the Thrift Store

1. Tea sets, tableware, dishware, serviceware

plates and cups

I’ve seen some extremely cute tea cups used in DIY candle projects.

serving trays and such

If you have a good eye, you’ll be able to spot some real steals. Some people don’t know or care to keep their silver shiny and the end result will be it sitting on a thrift store shelf looking worthless and ruined. If you can look past the outside to see the potential, you can restore the piece to it’s former state!

princess jasmine cups

I was so tempted to get these tea cups because they made me think of “Aladdin.” I could see how “Beauty and the Beast” could come into play with these too.

2. Home Goods

Candles, candle holders, vases, and porcelain pieces you can use in your home.

home decor

3. Furniture


4. School Supplies

If you’re a teacher or a daycare provider, the thrift store can help you save on materials.

5. Holiday Supplies

Plenty more where this came from, you can find Christimas cards, wrapping paper, tissue paper and if you’re a crafty genius you’ll see other materials you can use to decorate during the holiday season.

christmas bows

What are some items you keep your eyes peeled for when thrifting?

Designer DIY Inspiration

1. Grab a plain laptop case and paint to get your laptop traveling on the wild side.

3.1 Philip Lim

3.1 Philip Lim

2. For your little one, buy some sequins and sew them to a tee or cardigan for a festive transformation. This would make a great DIY during the holidays.

J. Crew Girls Cardigan

J. Crew
Girls Cardigan

3. Purchase an old purse from the thrift store then use old jewelry that you no longer wear and glue them to the purse.

Antik Batik

Antik Batik

Wax and Cruz

Designer and stylist Lauren Austin Wood has created this collection of baseball caps inspired by her travels around the globe. The caps made up from African wax prints, Guatemalan ikat, Italian bouclé and shibori. Even the visors are unique to each hat, you’ll find them made of linen, suede and leather.  They cost more than your average baseball cap but they’ll deliver more of a personal touch. If you’re down for the cause, you could always find a fabric you love and DIY your own like I did with my cap here. Tempted to do a wax print one too, maybe with a leather visor? That seems like a good challenge. I’ll keep you posted but until then, check out the caps in her collection.


To purchase one, click here for her website.