Stop Shop: Dreamland

photo 1

Looks like it will be a rainy saturday here in Maryland and further north but Artscape, one of the largest free art festivals in the country will still be going on for the most part. I went last night to look around and see one of my favorite artists in concert, KEM. Unfortunately a storm took over and cut his concert short after a couple of songs and I do mean a couple 😦 He didn’t even get to sing my jam, “Share My Life.” After I escaped the rain and lightening in a parking garage, I walked back over to what remained of the empty stage only to find he wouldn’t be back. As I sulked and pouted on the walk back to my car I saw a sign lit up permitting me to enter Dreamland Vintage.

Dreamland was last spotted in Hamdpen and it had been around for more than 30 years until the then owner, Mr. Tim Potee passed away due to pneumonia. There’s a lot of history that goes with this treasure of a vintage shop, Mr. Potee supplied items for several of the John Waters’ films. The store is now in the hands of a new owner, Maurice Lease, and he has moved it’s residence back to Mt. Vernon. He’s also added costumes and Kryolan professional make-up for those in search of those items. It is still undergoing a transformation but you’re more than welcome to stop in and shop around. The address is 1013 N. Charles St. so if you’re headed down to Artscape this weekend, stop in and take a look! 

Below are pictures of my short visit… the shop was closing down about 20 minutes after I got there. See if you can guess what I purchased. With all of those colorful prints, you know I had to leave with something!


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