What I Wore When: Motown the Musical

outside sign

Yesterday I went to see Motown the Musical and thoroughly enjoyed myself…  if you exclude the people who walked in late when it started and after intermission, blocking my view for seconds that sometimes turned into minutes at a time. There were times where I wished that the Motown artists in the scenes, no longer with us (Marvin Gaye, Michael Jackson, Teena Marie, etc)  were able to sit and watch pieces of their lives be re-enacted. I even wished Mr. Steve Wonder could physically see for himself but I sure he enjoyed it in his own way. It felt like I stepped into a time machine and became a fly on the wall at Hitsville U.S.A.

Motown the Musical Facebook Page

Motown the Musical
Facebook Page

The show was full of energy, vibrant, and downright dazzling at times. I was *sings* dancing in the street seat.  A few songs were sung by those you wouldn’t expect but it seemed the musical selections were carefully chosen for the scenes and all of my favorite artists were shown at one point or another even if my favorite tunes weren’t performed.  When the young Michael Jackson came to the stage I sat in amazement. Darius Kaleb and Raymond Luke Jr., the actors who play MJ, did a wonderful job. He was spot on and it felt like the entire audience was reliving the magic as soon as that grown soul voice came from his little body.

Waiting in line and what do I find? Two of my faves side by side!

Waiting in line and what do I find? Two of my faves side by side!

The story did feel a little rushed but when you have, what had to be at least 50 musical numbers I can understand why. At one point a young Stevie Wonder was shown being signed and then you didn’t see him again until Act 2 and by then he was grown. I know there are times restraints so I won’t complain about characters being scooted in and out giving me almost zero time to get to know them. This show wasn’t solely about them anyway. All in all, great show and the actors and actresses did their jobs well. Made me remember how much I loooooove theater and miss being on that stage with the lights bearing down on you. I miss those long and grueling rehearsals with people you grow to love like family because you’re with them for months on end. I might have to make my way back to that but enough about me and my memory lane.  If you have free time this summer and love oldies as much as I do then I’d advise you to go see it and buy good seats! To get  your tickets click here for the Motown the Musical website. For more pictures and press about the musical, go to their Facebook page here.

the supremes

What I wore to the show? Eyelet top from Forever 21 and the palazzo pants are from an online vintage shop, Rusty Zipper. Great online shop with vintage clothes but when you order, keep in mind that sizing was different back then. The waist of my pants are a little snug but I had to have them and they get a lot of compliments.

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