App Alert: Cloth

CaptureCloth is a free digital archive of all of those selfie and mirror pictures people take everyday. For those of us that hate repeating the same outfit more than once too soon, this app comes in handy. You simply snap your picture and leave the information you want in the notes with tags that will help you locate what you want to find at a later date. I liked the app because I tend to give away my clothes so  with this I could keep track of what items were no longer in my possession. I could tag those items using Cloth that way when I eventually went looking for them again, I knew what happened and I wouldn’t tear my room apart looking for something that was as good as gone. There are other apps that do this though so I can’t say I was sold.

photo 1

photo 2

You can categorize your outfit as Everyday, Event, Evening, Vacation, Work, and Favorite. The Cloth app upgrade automatically tags your picture with the current temperature outside. In the future when you pick and outfit, you’ll be able to select the weather tab and it will show you the best outfits to wear under that day’s weather conditions.

photo 3

WARDROBE: Shows the categories, the last entry and how many outfits are under that category. The top left (not seen) has a button for the weather and the right has a button for tags.

photo 5

STATUS: You can collect points the more you share your outfits and those points unlock new features. Snap tells you what level you are on and status also shows you how consistent you are at keeping up with the app.

If you’d like, you can set the app up to share your outfit with other social networks like Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr. There are addition in-app features available for purchase also like a photo editor complete with rotate, crop, filters and stickers.

Search outfits by tags

Search outfits by tags

photo 5

Do you have the Cloth App? Have  you found it to be useful or a waste of time? Have you discovered any other helpful fashion apps other than Stylebook & I Wear? Netrobe could be a good one with a couple changes.


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