Beauty Buy: BECCA Priming Perfector

I don’t spend as much time in Sephora as most people do. I find a product, read reviews, stop in, pick up a free sample and keep it moving unless there’s a product I’m specifically in there to purchase. I will make the most of my sample and if sold after using it, I make the investment. I do not see myself becoming a beauty product junkie ever in life. I don’t know how people do it. Those products add up as fast as your cart of stuff at the checkout line in Walmart and faster because they cost more.

photo 1

I’ve been using my one full sample of BECCA Ever-Matte Poreless Priming Perfector since probably the beginning of April. I don’t use it everyday but on days where I either know it’s going to be warm, hot, or I’ll be taking pictures. This is mainly because I don’t believe anything on my face everyday except soap, moisturizer, eye liner and mascara. I decided to bring this beauty buy to you after I got the chance to try it out in the hot heat. I have top-of-the-line oily skin and when it’s hot outside my face will send the message that I’ve been working out or something thanks to all of that shine. You have to rub it all in so it won’t leave residue. Last year my little bit of saving grace were the blotting papers by BOSCIA. I grew tired of pulling the papers out every couple of hours and was determined to continue trying primers until I found one that worked for me.

Boscia blotting papers

Limited edition packaging. Love it!

Anywho, I found a WINNER! This oil-controlling primer minimizes pores and keeps my shines away for hours upon hours and in the heat!!! I promise you I’ve tried every brand of primer and never had the success that I’ve had with this one. My skin is able to remain matte throughout the day because the formula is sweat and humidity resistant. It’s free of alcohol, silicone, oil, and fragrance. I put my mosturizer on and then the primer on the areas that shine the most and go about my entire day. Sometimes I’ll dust Make Up Forever’s High Definition powder on my T-Zone as reinforcement. Normally when I glanced at my face in the evening, the most I wanted to do in the past was blot but I learned it wasn’t 100% necessary. I think I only did it because I was fearful of oil rising up again like it did with the products I tried before.

photo 2

 Today marks the fourth year since the King of Pop, Michael Jackson passed away. Below you’ll find my favorite video and 2nd favorite song of his 😀 May he and all of the greats continue to rest in peace.


4 thoughts on “Beauty Buy: BECCA Priming Perfector

  1. So happy you added that bit about MICHAEL JACKSON (da kang!) at the bottom!

    I have combination skin and my t-zone will start out dry and get oily as the day progresses. I usually only use primer if I’m wearing foundation (which is normally only in the evenings on the weekend… i.e. a night of partying), but I will look into this product. I’m also looking into different toners to provide some balance for my skin. Another alternative to blot paper (i used to use neutrogena’s until I also got sick of pulling out papers) is MAC’s blot powder. Here’s a link to the product on Nordstrom’s site along with some reviews

    I have friends who swear by this stuff and I added this to my birthday wishlist, so hopefully I can tell you how good this product is very soon!

    P.S. I am a product junkie. It is really sad. I swear I’m what marketing agencies target when they are trying to sell a product, smh.

    • Lol, well at least you aren’t in denial. For toner I use Clinique for the most part but if I start to see breakouts then I’ll switch to an apple cider vinegar mixed w/ water. Thanks for sharing about MAC’s blot powder and I hope you see sitting amongst the rest of your gifts! Thanks for stopping by the blog 🙂

      Oh and I had to have something about MJ! He’ll NEVER be forgotten. Every year when I hear his music on this day, I think back to where I was when I heard the news, the pictures I saw, his name scrolling across the tv screen, and the people I spoke to… all in disbelief. What a day.

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