Beauty Buy: BECCA Priming Perfector

I don’t spend as much time in Sephora as most people do. I find a product, read reviews, stop in, pick up a free sample and keep it moving unless there’s a product I’m specifically in there to purchase. I will make the most of my sample and if sold after using it, I make the investment. I do not see myself becoming a beauty product junkie ever in life. I don’t know how people do it. Those products add up as fast as your cart of stuff at the checkout line in Walmart and faster because they cost more.

photo 1

I’ve been using my one full sample of BECCA Ever-Matte Poreless Priming Perfector since probably the beginning of April. I don’t use it everyday but on days where I either know it’s going to be warm, hot, or I’ll be taking pictures. This is mainly because I don’t believe anything on my face everyday except soap, moisturizer, eye liner and mascara. I decided to bring this beauty buy to you after I got the chance to try it out in the hot heat. I have top-of-the-line oily skin and when it’s hot outside my face will send the message that I’ve been working out or something thanks to all of that shine. You have to rub it all in so it won’t leave residue. Last year my little bit of saving grace were the blotting papers by BOSCIA. I grew tired of pulling the papers out every couple of hours and was determined to continue trying primers until I found one that worked for me.

Boscia blotting papers

Limited edition packaging. Love it!

Anywho, I found a WINNER! This oil-controlling primer minimizes pores and keeps my shines away for hours upon hours and in the heat!!! I promise you I’ve tried every brand of primer and never had the success that I’ve had with this one. My skin is able to remain matte throughout the day because the formula is sweat and humidity resistant. It’s free of alcohol, silicone, oil, and fragrance. I put my mosturizer on and then the primer on the areas that shine the most and go about my entire day. Sometimes I’ll dust Make Up Forever’s High Definition powder on my T-Zone as reinforcement. Normally when I glanced at my face in the evening, the most I wanted to do in the past was blot but I learned it wasn’t 100% necessary. I think I only did it because I was fearful of oil rising up again like it did with the products I tried before.

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 Today marks the fourth year since the King of Pop, Michael Jackson passed away. Below you’ll find my favorite video and 2nd favorite song of his 😀 May he and all of the greats continue to rest in peace.


The Parlour


117 Market St., Durham, NC

This past weekend I was in North Carolina briefly for a friend’s graduation party. After being sent out to run errands the heat drove my friend and I to get a summertime treat, ice cream!!! We love ice cream so I used Yelp to find a nearby shop and Parlour looked like a winner so that’s where we went. Parlour was founded in Durham, NC in 2011 and what once used to be just a food truck is now a cute little shop featuring handcrafted batches of ice cream, sorbet and shakes. The shops dedication to using fresh and local ingredients only adds to the personal touch and friendly service you get upon entering the store. There is no limit on how many flavors you can taste and you’ll definitely want to try a few.



After trying green tea, lemon ginger sorbet, one other flavor I don’t remember, and malted cinnamon, I decided to go with my last pick. They were all very tasty but malted cinnamon tasted like my favorite cereal, Cinnamon Toast Crunch! A single scoop on a chocolate waffle cone was exactly what the doctor prescribed for a quick walk through the Juneteenth Celebration taking place just outside the front door of the shop. Were there groceries in the car that should probably be back at the house? Sure, but who can resist a mini excursion when you’re out of town 🙂 Summer festivals should always be attended, especially when they are free!

There was handmade jewelry, art work, plenty of italian ice and snowball stands to go around.  I saw was a performance by Models Against Domestic Violence (M.A.D.V.) a non-profit organization made up of young people who desire to take a stand on the issue.  A song about domestic abuse played while they acted out scenes for the audience. At the end each member spoke out on the issue. It’s always nice to see young people standing up for causes they believe in.

After a walking around and taking a look at everything Vanessa and I made it back to the house with big smiles thanks to Parlour. For more information about Parlour check out their website, here or follow them on Twitter  to find out where their food truck will be if you’re in the area. I could have sworn the bubbly attendant that helped us told us that they closed at 6 during the week but according to their site, their shop hours are Sun 12pm–10pm, Mon Closed, Tue–Thu 12pm–10pm, and Fri–Sat 12pm–11 pm.



You wouldn’t believe how tired I was but I figured I should take a few pics since it’s been awhile. Anyone have a cure for expression  lines? lol My forehead wrinkles are getting out of control and I don’t know how to stop making faces :-/