SBS: It’s A Different World

Small business saturday (SBS) is new to DEFINEchic. These posts will shine a light on a brand, line, or store as another  way to show my support & spread the word to those reading who are not in “the know.”


For all of the lovers of  “The Cosby Show” & 90s show “A Different World” like myself, this one is for you. Growing up we watched the Huxtable family show us the importance of family and community. We watched the kids grow up for eight years. They fought over clothes,  had parties when their parents weren’t home, struggled with their grades, and did a number of other things we once did or were probably going to do growing up. With all of the love and support from their family the kids dated, celebrated, graduated and eventually all but one went to college… keyword there is went.


We listened and watched for year as Cliff, Claire and even Grandpa and Grandma spoke of their time at Hillman College. They all seemed to have had this amazing experience at this instiution that carried a rich history and prestige. Professors from the college would even stop by to visit the Huxtables sometimes  and there would be special events where Cliff and Claire’s participation and attendance was required at the college. Now Sandra for whatever reason went to Princeton but when it was time for Denise to go to pick a school Grandpa Huxtable nudged her in the right direction. I was excited for her more because as a little girl I figured this place really existed and if she went then duh! I could go to when I finished highschool!


Can I really go to Hillman?

Color me surprised when we were all given the opportunity to attend Hillman College with Denise! Not physically but hey I was willing to take what I could get. Off she went to this predominantly black institution by herself! She was in a whole new ball game now but still the same old Denise. When she decided to leave I can’t say I was too upset. When the cast grew and the direction of the show changed in Season 2 I was happy to still have the inside scoop on what was going down in the lives of college students. Fast forward to the day I found out there was no Hillman *gasps* right? Knowing there were historically black college’s that I could attend and none of them were Hillman hurt. I didn’t care that they were like Hillman, they weren’t the school I had every intention of attending and calling my alma mater. I was going to rock my Hillman paraphernalia, go to class, get involved, and find my boo too.


Not him over there though.

Welp, I overcame the feelings I had about that imaginary school but the desire to have a piece of it was still there. That’s where the Hillman College Bookstore came into play. It’s the one place where you can get all the Hillman tees and hoodies your heart desires. I had been eyeing the gear for some time now and finally made my purchase.

Let’s start with my excitement, no lie, I really was extreeeeemely excited to get this…

photo 4-6

It’s signed by one of my favorite ADW characters but of course you probably can’t tell who! I can’t spoil the fun so you’ll have to get your own to see what it says. I’ll say this much…Who knew she’d become a Dean at Hillman?

I don’t remember whether I was more excited about the acceptance letter or the tee and hoody. Don’t read the whole thing! You also receive a newsletter immediately following your purchase. I received my items within two days I believe so shipping is fairly quick but I’m sure that varies depending upon where you live.

Purchase you own gear at

Just for fun I’ve listed my top 5 favorite episode below and there’s video for the first one. Sure wish someone would allow the release  of the other seasons on dvd so I could have a complete set.

“Perhaps Love” Dwayne’s mom comes to town for his induction into Phi Beta Kappa. Whitley mistakes his mom for a made and her boyfriend Julian says some words that cause her to wake up about the person she is. Her and Dwayne have a heart to heart that assured me they would eventually end up together.

“A Stepping Stone” – The ladies of Gilbert Hall put together a step routine and Whitley acts a fool as the choreographer. Dwayne is forced to tutor a football player so the team has a chance at winning the upcoming game.

“Do You Take This Woman” Whitley’s mom (Diahann Carroll) and Dwayne’s mother (Patti LaBelle) come to town for the couple’s engagement party.

“Baby I’m A Star” – Ron’s band hires Kim as their lead singer to reach new followers & she let’s the job go to her head. Gina’s performance of “When the Saints Go Marching In” cracks me up. “not out but innnnn” haha

“Save the Best for Last” – Dwayne decides to interrupt Whitley’s wedding to Byron.

Honorable Mention

“Mammy Dearest” – Whitley puts together an exhibit of black women in history. One of my faves because it stresses the importance of looking at our history and learning to accept it and overcome. Kim’s performance at the end makes me proud . Gina performs her trademark audition song “When the Saints Go Marching In” haha

“Somebody Say Ho” – Charmaine is the victim of a joke gone wrong. Jennifer Lewis as Dean adds some funny and it’s great to see Freddie flexin her legal skills. I appreciate this one for bringing people’s attention to the words used toward women. Heaven only knows I don’t know how as a society we’ve gone past hoe and now use the b-word like it’s a term of endearment, smh.


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