DIY: Fashionable Easter Eggs

It’s always good when Friday rolls around but it’s not always Good Friday and in honor of the upcoming Easter holiday I wanted to highlight a few blogs I came across with cute and creative ways to make your Easter eggs look great. Most of them require you to use things you probably already own so you’re saving money! Even if you don’t own some of the supplies I think you’ll find ways you can deviate from the original blueprint. Regular ol’ dye is a thing of the past so scroll through and see what’s hip! Click the picture for full tutorials on what you see.




string egg


napkin decoupage-egg-diy


We’ve come a long way from the dye kits used when I was a kid. Out of all of the ones I posted above I’d say my favorite was the ombre beaded egg. It’s so stylish but I’m not into Easter eggs personally. I mean… what on Earth do ppl do with them once the day is done? I suppose you could still eat the ones you used if they were real hard boiled eggs but otherwise they’re just taking up space if you ask me. I don’t have kids so I don’t need to make any but I’d gladly assist my friend’s kids if they were into this sort of thing. Which method are you using to decorate your eggs with the kiddies this holiday weekend? Tweet me pictures of your creations @DefineChic 🙂

Have a wonderful weekend!


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