Stop Shop: My Dear Vintage, Take 2!

I told you all once before about how much I enjoy the shop “My Dear Vintage” and recently the shop opened at a new location so I stopped in on opening day to show my support for the owner, Brandi Foster. She served cupcakes and wine to all of her customers while they shopped her racks.


The store is now located on 2015 N. Charles St. in Baltimore, MD. It provides Brandi with a lot more room to play with the set up, possibly add some mannequins, and make the store more aesthetically pleasing than the smaller square footage of her old store allowed.


A new addition to My Dear Vintage are the handcrafted technology inspired jewelry creations of artist Rebekah Powers. Her last name if perfectly fitting because the name of her company is PowersUrge. The pieces in her collection are unlike any others I’ve seen. One piece in particular, gold lips lined with rhinestones and wrapped in wire, immediately made me think of Frankenstein. Rebekah said she believes broken things, anything from shoes to video games to computer parts, deserve a second look. I think she’s found a unique niche market!

The dress she’s seen wearing in the photo below is one she purchased from My Dear Vintage years ago and it was actually a different color but she dyed it purple enhancing the ombre effect. 


Rebekah of PowersUrge with a few of her pieces.

 This time around I did  pick up three new things from the shop. I’ll have to model them for you later this week. I bought a plaid newsboy cap, an old 90s Nautica windbreaker and a tribal print men’s shirt that I’ve been trying to figure out what to do with.

photo 1

It’s me! This sweater was found at a thrift store on the army base. I stopped by on my lunch break one day and purchased it for $4. My shorts were cut from old jeans. The platforms are from Lulu’s and the necklace…. I think it’s probably from H&M (what I’ll often refer to as “Hers & Mens”) Oh and the cross tights are ASOS

There is seating at My Dear Vintage and Brandi loves to have both visitors and frequent shoppers stop by and hang out for a little while. Feel free to let her know I sent you and please come back and fill me in on any goodies when you visit!


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