DIY: Fashionable Easter Eggs

It’s always good when Friday rolls around but it’s not always Good Friday and in honor of the upcoming Easter holiday I wanted to highlight a few blogs I came across with cute and creative ways to make your Easter eggs look great. Most of them require you to use things you probably already own so you’re saving money! Even if you don’t own some of the supplies I think you’ll find ways you can deviate from the original blueprint. Regular ol’ dye is a thing of the past so scroll through and see what’s hip! Click the picture for full tutorials on what you see.




string egg


napkin decoupage-egg-diy


We’ve come a long way from the dye kits used when I was a kid. Out of all of the ones I posted above I’d say my favorite was the ombre beaded egg. It’s so stylish but I’m not into Easter eggs personally. I mean… what on Earth do ppl do with them once the day is done? I suppose you could still eat the ones you used if they were real hard boiled eggs but otherwise they’re just taking up space if you ask me. I don’t have kids so I don’t need to make any but I’d gladly assist my friend’s kids if they were into this sort of thing. Which method are you using to decorate your eggs with the kiddies this holiday weekend? Tweet me pictures of your creations @DefineChic 🙂

Have a wonderful weekend!


Short & Sweet: Chain Necklace w/ S Hook Closure

Picture 10

Rachel Roy
Spring RTW 2013

Here’s a little Saturday DIY inspiration for you. While clicking through Rachel Roy’s Spring 2013 collection I saw DIY we all could do in less than 20 minutes.  Buy chain and an s-hook connector in any size or color you see fit. You could create an anklet, bracelet or a necklace similar to the one in her collection. Try finding the supplies Etsy if you want to purchase everything from one place and want to play around with sizes.

Beauty Buy: Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay

Good morning all! I don’t know how behind I am on this find but a close friend of mine put me on to Indian healing clay so here I am sharing with you 🙂

Aztec secret Indian healing clay deeply cleans your pores and makes them smaller. The mask removes dirt and other impurities so your skin can be free of poisons and other toxins that reside within. You can feel the difference and with continued use you’ll see the difference.

I think this mask is some kind of wonderful because I have extremely oily skin and breakouts every now and then. This helps to control breakouts, almost completely stopping them in their tracks.  It’s nice to have a way to rid my skin of the deathly things that live beneath. You can even use the mask on your body and in researching you’ll find people have done just that for body acne, skin rashes, sore joints, insect bites and whatever else they want to heal.

To make the mask you simply need to mix equal parts of the clay powder with apple cider vinegar. I use organic apple cider vinegar to help create the paste but you can also use water or aloe vera juice/gel. The water tends to create clumps so I don’t recommend going that route. You smooth the paste over your face and let it sit until it hardens which can be anywhere from 15-30 minutes depending on how thick you applied the mask. As it dries you may or may not feel the pulsation sensation that the container mentions. Some people feel nothing but like any other clay mask I’ve used, I feel the tightening. When you are ready to remove it just wash it off but do not use a cloth unless you don’t mind it getting nasty. In my opinion it’s best to remove it in the shower because it can take it’s time clearing the drain.

Your face may appear to be red for a while but I assure you that it disappears. There are no fragrances, dyes or questionable artificial ingredients. You can purchase it at Whole Foods or possibly a health store near you. The Vitamin Shoppe sells the clay online and another great thing about the Indian healing clay? It’s cheaper than almost any other mask you’ll find claiming to do magical things for your face. I think I spent $8 for the product at whole foods.

If you’ve been looking for the perfect product to use for spa sessions at home or you’ve tried everything to free your skin and nothing has worked then try this. What have you got to lose? Have you tried it before? What did you think?

Have an awesome Friday!

Stop Shop: My Dear Vintage, Take 2!

I told you all once before about how much I enjoy the shop “My Dear Vintage” and recently the shop opened at a new location so I stopped in on opening day to show my support for the owner, Brandi Foster. She served cupcakes and wine to all of her customers while they shopped her racks.


The store is now located on 2015 N. Charles St. in Baltimore, MD. It provides Brandi with a lot more room to play with the set up, possibly add some mannequins, and make the store more aesthetically pleasing than the smaller square footage of her old store allowed.


A new addition to My Dear Vintage are the handcrafted technology inspired jewelry creations of artist Rebekah Powers. Her last name if perfectly fitting because the name of her company is PowersUrge. The pieces in her collection are unlike any others I’ve seen. One piece in particular, gold lips lined with rhinestones and wrapped in wire, immediately made me think of Frankenstein. Rebekah said she believes broken things, anything from shoes to video games to computer parts, deserve a second look. I think she’s found a unique niche market!

The dress she’s seen wearing in the photo below is one she purchased from My Dear Vintage years ago and it was actually a different color but she dyed it purple enhancing the ombre effect. 


Rebekah of PowersUrge with a few of her pieces.

 This time around I did  pick up three new things from the shop. I’ll have to model them for you later this week. I bought a plaid newsboy cap, an old 90s Nautica windbreaker and a tribal print men’s shirt that I’ve been trying to figure out what to do with.

photo 1

It’s me! This sweater was found at a thrift store on the army base. I stopped by on my lunch break one day and purchased it for $4. My shorts were cut from old jeans. The platforms are from Lulu’s and the necklace…. I think it’s probably from H&M (what I’ll often refer to as “Hers & Mens”) Oh and the cross tights are ASOS

There is seating at My Dear Vintage and Brandi loves to have both visitors and frequent shoppers stop by and hang out for a little while. Feel free to let her know I sent you and please come back and fill me in on any goodies when you visit!

Friday Faves

No you’re not alone, I am happy it’s friday too! This week has dragged by and even though we don’t want to acknowledge it, Monday is close by so make sure you fully enjoy this weekend. Spring has arrived so get out there and clean closets, organize closets, shop for those cute shoes, visit those films, and just enjoy yourself. <–period.

Since it’s friday I decided to give you a few links to things I’ve spotted on the web throughout the week that I think are worth checking out!

Ahem, me-me-me  *clears voice then begins to sing* these are a few of my favorite links!


Thong Sandal

2013 will definitely be the year of Lucite. Several designers  have toyed around with Lucite heels (Jeffrey Campbell, Prada, Margiela for H&M) and we also see the trend popping up when it comes to accessories like handbags and jewelry .  Now lucite isn’t the word we think of when it comes to these clear thong jelly sandals but I think they fit the bill. They remind me of childhood and I was quite the fashionable youngster if I might say so myself. To dress these up and make a statement I think you could paint certain parts, stud them up or jewel stone them out! They’re only $12.80 so why not?!


Glitter ‘N Glue

Kristen Turner over at a blog I do adore, “Glitter ‘N Glue” DIY’d her rain boots and being that I am a true blue leopard print lover, I just LOVE them! She made that welcome mat too so head over there and show some love to her site. You might find some crafty to do this weekend! Oh and click ‘about’ for a wee bit of inspiration if you need some!


Ikaria Metallic Leather Wing Sandals

The Ikaria metallic leather wing sandals are so cute!! Nike was a phsically fit Greek goddess with wings and she would want me in shoes that reflect what she stood for… okay well they don’t necessarily translate as ‘quick’ and they don’t make you think of racing or running but they definitely say fly and victorious! I needs me a pair! This is a nice step up from those gladiator sandals that I can’t support 100% and the wings are something you can DIY to upgrade any basic flat sandal in your closet. Perhaps I’ll do that and save myself the imaginary $230.00 set aside in my checking account specifically for these shoes.

Sock clips
The Container Store

 I spotted these sock clips in The Container Store a few months ago but have yet to try them out. I wear socks with designs most of the time and both the washer and dryer have been kind enough to give them back to me so I can always keep them together. If you find yourself short a few socks then these clips might be a great buy for you.
If  you live MD, Washington, DC or Northern VA and you have been searching for something to do in celebration of St. Patty’s Day I suggest heading over to The High Life Suite. Dyanna and Gina have a post up today keeping you ‘in the know’.