Project Runway: Season 11

It’s back!!! One of my favorite reality shows, “Project Runway” is in it’s 11th season and it premieres tonight. This season is all about the teams and judging by the commercial I can see the participants are just as nervous as I am for them. Check out the preview.

Two teams of 8, one winner per team and one winner from the losing team is OUT. Can you say yikes? Really, teams? Now I know teamwork makes the dream work but this is fashion and in the end there can still only be one winner. Each individual has their own style and desires to have their own line but now they’ll have to find ways to compromise and fuse their ideas together just to progress in the competition. Why Heidi? Why Tim?! Why Heidi? Why Nina? Hey Zac! This is definitely a twist and I’m eager to see how it works. I could hardly stand group projects in school so I don’t even want to imagine how it works in fashion unless they’re all working for one brand which they’ll have to pretend to do in order to win I guess, huh? Sheeshers.

Here are the designers for this season:

Picture 1

Picture 4

Picture 5

Picture 6

After going through everyone’s portfolio and watching a few videos I have picked a couple of people I like and will be watching.

Michelle has an extremely tiny closest in her home and a personality I could see myself getting along with if I were on the show. I pointed out the closest because anyone who can make her closest work for them has got to be cool. She doesn’t do egos so hopefully there aren’t any big ones on her team. Her love of the color chartreuse makes her an easy favorite on my list. I don’t know what it is about that color but I can never get enough!

EMILY is probably my favorite. She lives in Falls Church, VA so she’s the “home team” or as close to one as I’ll get to root for. I would love borrowing things from her closet, her home feels very sincere and I love that she loves sweets as much as me! Aside from all of that I think her designs are creative and there’s a leather jacket she has with a small V neck in the back, that is the business. Oh and her dog is the cutest!

Benji is from the down under and I admire his love of mixing textiles both modern and vintage. His sense of style is quirky for a guy and it reminds me of an old movie but the title won’t come to me right now.

Ok I said Emily is my favorite and she is but Samantha (Sammy B) lives close to my heart. She mixes prints and patterns and textures PLUS she hearts bright colors. Her style mixed with Em’s would almost sum up mine. She has a lot of everything, fabrics, accessories, clothes, etc… just like me!

Although Richard only presented like 3 pieces during his casting, he has a good eye when it comes to thrifting and he seems rather chill and easy going. He’ll be a good person to add to a group and I’m interested to see what he has up his sleeve bc his portfolio was attention getting. Reminded me of Prince and that old girl group Vanity 6. He also has all of those cds in his studio and I love me some music when I’m crafting, sewing, cooking, shooo anytime really lol.

I can’t say I understand Stanley’s vision but there is a black and several shades of green boatneck peplum top with gathered shoulders and a zipper in his portfolio that I think would look terrific on me. Oh and I love how his closet is color coordinated bc I am the same way with my t-shirts and his apartment is filled with artwork, love!

Ok, ok, ok, I can’t go on because I guarantee you that I could and I would find something I like about everyone. For now you know the few I’ll have my eye on but things could change. For now, I hope you’ll all be watching with me tonight. Maybe tomorrow I’ll come back and share my thoughts about the show. To catch up on past seasons or get an inside look at the designers click here.

Have an awesome thursday!


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