Thrifted Find of the Week

Greetings!! Thrifted Tuesday is almost over but I couldn’t let the clock strike 12 without sharing my newest $4 find! Ordinarily I skip past the bag/purse section of thrift stores. Bags are dingy, dirty, and I can see germs embedded in them. Not that you can’t wipe them down but they’ve never been worth the effort. This shoulder bag was different…

photo 2

Close up of the front flap


photo 1

The size is a little smaller than a sheet of paper and it’s leather, very sturdy with the only marks being pen under the front flap. I’ll clean it, spray the gold closure so it pops again and voila! New bag.

What do you think? For $4 would you have left it behind?


6 thoughts on “Thrifted Find of the Week

  1. It’s funny that you usually skip the handbag section, that’s my favorite part! I always look to see if there are any designer gems hanging around. I also find that you can usually come across well-made leather pieces for the low like the one you just purchased. Very chic indeed 🙂

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