Upgrade: Malm Dresser

Hey, I hope you all had a beautiful holiday! Today’s post is about Ikea’s Malm Dresser. If you were like me, when you got your first place in college you stopped in at Ikea to see what affordable things you could get. I picked up a dresser in the Malm collection and mine made it through two moves. If you have one, I found a few DIY ideas incase you’d like to give yours a face lift! For tutorials click on the pictures and you’ll be directed to the source.


White overlays were purchased for this design and they were painted gold before being placed on the dresser. This is something I can see myself trying in the future with furniture I’ll probably purchase from Good Wood, Craigslist or something. Goes with the bohemian theme in my bedroom.

How unique is this? A nice little greek twist. Now this one pictured is not MALM but if you head over to the site you can learn how to get this look using a MALM dresser.

This next one adds that personal touch. I have this issue with commitment sometimes and that would keep me from doing this because I wouldn’t be able to commit to just one picture. Of course you could probably do a collage but I don’t need big people staring at me ya know? The photos were blown up and put on lightweight paper. There’s a better close up on the website but you can also see here that it doesn’t look awful. Changing the size of photos has a tendency to alter it in one way or another if you don’t do it correctly.

Picture 14


Picture 15

How many times do I tell you I love fabrics and prints? I LOVE them and that’s why I picked this next project.

There is a padding under the fabric and they were stapled on. What I would I have done differently? Found a way to make the top unique as well. It’s not doing anything for me in this picture but I’m sure some of you love it…. I guess it’s not too bad. You don’t want it to be doing the most.


Lastly, a good old paint job! Give your Malm dresser knobs too and you’ll have an entirely new piece! What do you think? Have you dressed up any furniture in your house?


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