Keep Your Legs Covered

There's plenty more where this came from.

There’s plenty more where this came from.

Tights with spots, dots, flowers, psychedelic tights, sweater tights, etc, etc. What lady doesn’t own a pair of tights? At this point even men are sporting tights, yes, men too but let’s not dwell on that. I have at least 20 pair and I doubt I need all of them but I’ve worn them all so they have their own stories. They come in all sorts of colors and this year I’ve only purchased one pair with crosses on them. I have a nice little collection of tights to keep my legs warm this winter and I recently brought them out of hiding this past weekend to not only do just that but to spruce of my outfit. I almost looked like I was in costume for some old movie but that was thanks to my bad hair day that turned into a weekend of hand in my hair syndrome. The tights I’m pictured in were purchased at Forever 21 years ago and to get you all styling… better than I am in this pic, I have placed a few different pair that I’ve seen in my search to help a friend begin her own collection.


Of course my transparent clutch made an appearance.

Piggybacking off of my last post dealing with brocade, I found these wine and gold brocade tights on Top Shop. What a way to pull two trends in one accessory!


Price: $30.00

I know people are still wearing distressed jeans but shredded tights are an alternative if you’re one that loves the combat boots and military jackets. The tights below are on sale at Dillards. If you’re a lady with curves Dillards also has tights that cling to you in all the right places.

Rebellious Shredded Tights On sale $15.00

A picture’s worth a thousand words is what they say, so what do these tights tell you? They remind me of a far away land where you’d find Little Red Riding Hood on her journey to her granny’s house. The trees and gloom of the tights are elements of foreshadowing in her story. *ahem* Sometimes I get inspired by things like this and create a whole outfit in my head but anywho below you’ll see what I mean… or maybe you won’t.

Lay of the Woodland Tights  $39.99 Mod Shop

Lay of the Woodland Tights
Mod Shop

Now the following tights probably won’t keep you warm at all but if you’re looking to elongate your legs in a sweater dress when you’re headed out then look no further than Asos.

Tulle Stripe Tights  $14.07

Tulle Stripe Tights

I don’t think any collection is complete without fishnets but this year I’ve opted for the suspender tights and on my way to getting those I saw these at Bebe. Keeps thing sexy but classier than the fishnet… if you ask me. I’m not for the lace tights this winter either but I’m sure I’ll work it in my wardrobe somewhere. Think of the shy girl hiding her flirtatious side. The bow is high enough to get her noticed but you don’t need to lift anything for a better look.

Sheer Bow Tights  $19.00

Sheer Bow Tights

I have been looking for plaid pants in every thrift store I’ve been to but tights would pair better with the skirts I already own in trying to achieve a new preppy style. What do you think?

Hue Opaque Plaid Tights  $20 Neiman Marcus

Hue Plaid Tights
Neiman Marcus

I’ve been to Forever 21 probably twice in the past however many months and I didn’t see any festive tights but I did find some bright colors. If you need an affordable quick fix to brighten your mood or your fit, I’d like to think these would help! They make me feel bubbly 🙂

60 Denier Essential Tights $5.80

60 Denier Essential Tights

Are you sporting tights this season or are you captain of #TeamLeggings?


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