Santa Baby: Christmas Gift Guide 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!! Since we’re all taking time to be thankful I want to express my thanks for you, my readers. Thank you for taking time out of your hectic schedules to check out my little ol’ site. I know tomorrow people  everywhere will be out and about trying to get the best deals so I wanted to provide you with a 20 items I thought would be good Christmas gifts. Maybe you can find the ones you like while your shopping in stores or online cyber Monday.

Tea-for-one Brewing Set $29.00


Tea lovers everywhere will love this stackable tea pot and cut. They can keep it on their job and you can give them a color that pop to liven up their workspace. The set includes an extra-fine stainless-steel tea infuser insert and a stainless-steel flip-top lid for easy use.

Brass Plant Mister $20.00


My mother loves plants and thanks to her I care for them a little myself. I was more a fan of outdoor greenery than indoor but who doesn’t appreciate the peace and spa-like feel indoor plants bring to a space? This brass 10 oz. mister is a nice gift for two, the receiver of your purchase and the plants. Plants like to be clean to you know? Can’t have dust sitting on their pretty leaves suffocating them. I use a spray bottle myself but I think I will be upgrading to a mister that I don’t mind sitting out amongst household furniture.

Gramophone Music Station $129.00

Pottery Barn

Keeping in mind my love of vintage and music this gramophone is something people like myself can appreciate. This gramophone ipod dock pays homage to the early days of recording music.

Echo $179.95

Crosley Radio

Since we’re still on the topic of music this retro chic record player suitcase fits right in. It has a USB encoder so users have the option of converting their vinyl to digital files and it also includes an AM/FM radio.

Binchotan Eye Mask $24

Give Simple

Eye masks are my new favorite addition to my bedtime routine. I don’t know what kind of life I was living without them. I can’t sleep with light or or natural light coming through the curtains so one day after sleepless nights I asked a friend for her extra one. It was morning, I was off from work, and I HAD to have sleep. It had gotten so bad that I’m almost positive my body was shaking from being sleep deprived. Sure it could have all been in my mind but lack of sleep will do some things to ya! Anywho, I slept extremely well which is crazy because I can never sleep during the day. Following the use of that mask I purchased my own from Target but me being the lover of color that I am it hasn’t been as useful as the all black one I borrowed. Mine was black on one side and green on the other (to match my travel accessories). There aren’t enough layers of black to rule out seeing some of the green when your eyes are searching through the mask for anything other than darkness.

This eye mask pictured seems like a nice solution in my desire to have yet another mask. It is padded and layered with charcoal which works to enhance blood circulation and relax muscles around the eyes for improved sleep, meditation, or stress relief. Just what I and many others you know need. Apparently Binchotan charcoals are a natural way to boost overall wellness.

Motorized tie Rack $49.99

Sharper Image

For those of you that remember watching Cher’s motorized closet in the movie, “Clueless” then you may kind of understand why I picked this. We haven’t gotten any closer to that closet from what I’ve seen but this is close when it comes to your scarfs, belts, and of course ties. If there’s a guy on your list then here you are but if not, gift it to someone else leaving them a note explaining other ways you think they could utilize it.

Rapid Beverage Chiller $89.95

Crate & Barrel

This beverage chiller gets bottles and cans of all sizes cold with the touch of a button.

i-Phone Photo Cube $99.99

Think Geek

ANDROID users don’t go!! According to the specifications you too can use this printer 🙂 This photo cube prints 4×6 images and each cartridge is good for 12 images. Those are sold separately of course.

Automatic Wine Opener w/ Foil Cutter $39.99


No more tugging at wine corks or looking at broken cork fragments in your glass. This one touch gadget easily removes natural and synthetic corks. There is also a built in foil cutter. After sitting on the charging base it can open 50 bottles on a single charge.

Neat Reciepts Scanner $149.99


Do you have friends that owns a small business? Whether you do or don’t this item can come in handy. Scan in receipts, buisness cards, documents and more. Then you can organize and store them in a digital filing system and search them whenever you like.

BUDGET TIP– I personally have been using this app on my phone called One Receipt (FREE) to keep track of receipts from all of the places where I purchase craft supplies. This app lets you photograph receipts, tag, and upload them to your phone. I can search through them, edit the information and link it to my email account where the receipts automatically appear. If you’re on a budget just get your loved one a Christmas card, attach a candy cane and leave a note telling them about the app!

OXO No Spill Ice Cube Tray $9.99

Bed Bath & Beyond


I know plenty of you have the automatic ice machines attached to your refrigerator but this is not for you! It’s a gift from someone who hasn’t upgraded to the Jetson’s level. I used to hate ice trays not being covered so I’d stack them and then place a wrap over top to keep anything possible out. How nice is it that now there are these silicone lid attachments to seal the water in & odors out.

Pier 1

Grate chesse, veggies, or whatever else and then turn the container upside down and shake out as much as you need. Great housewarming gift or for any friend that cooks.

Mix Up Menu Cutting Board $22.99

Mod Cloth

We all love music don’t we? This cutting board is a good gift for a dj or any bachelor… not to leave the ladies out or anything. I want one myself lol.

The Brit Kit $19.99, $29.99, $39.99

Brit + Co.

There are all sort of monthly kits being sent to people these days. Curl box, Birch box, Glossy box, so & and so on. Brit Box is for the DIY crafters like myself. I guarantee you know a few or some that want to begin doing projects themselves. You can get them a start-up kit and small subscription. They include supplies for a projects that they either thought of themselves or was a popular project found on the web.

Lunch Pot $23

Black & Blum

3 color options, spork and carry strap, microwave and dishwasher safe, and BPA free. Who can turn down a lunch pot? The smaller pot even fits in the larger pot when it’s empty. It has a watertight locking seal for those like myself who run off to work racing against the clock like I’m late for the school bus! This is a good gift for those who want to separate yogurt, granola and fruit or soup and crackers. I like big portions of soup but after eating so much at work I can drift off so this feeds me just enough to keep me alert.

Terrain Bakeware

West Elm

Weddings take place at all times of the year. If you’re going to one this fall/winter season or maybe even a housewarming then this take one or two of these  100% ceramic dishes. They can go straight from the oven to the table and they are dishwasher and microwave safe.

Compost Pail $59.99

Simple Human

Gift this to any of your loved one’s if they’re passionate about the environment or simply look to create their own compost piles in their backyard. There are few other versions at different prices on other sites so look around and find the one that fits your budget. This pail is stainless steel, provides 2 natural charcoal odorsorb filters to absorbs & seals in food odors.

Clean up the composting process with our stainless steel compost pail. Its integrated odorsorb filter absorbs food odors, and the large bamboo handle makes it easy to carry out to the compost heap. Includes 2 natural charcoal odorsorb filters.

Eco Highlighter Pencil $2.00

Study Pencil Studio

Are any of your loved one educators or students? These neon yellow pencils are awesome stocking stuffers or gifts to students. They don’t dry up like liquid highlighters, they use no plastics, ink solvents or volatile organic compounds and they don’t bleed through.

Xstylus Touch $39.00 


Touch pens are amazing gifts for your loved ones with touch pads especially if they are artists. There are other ones out there so again, look around and select one within your budget. This one has perks that you can check out on their site along with video.

Cordless Mini Vac $7.99

The Container Store

I can’t be the only one that hate dust particles and stuff all in my keyboard at work and home. This should fix anything and it makes a perfect stocking stuffer!

That about sums up my gift guide but keep your eyes on one of my favorite blogs, The Highlife Suite, for their gift guide. I’m sure it will include a lot of fun, fresh, personalized, and useful gifts you can give away.

What do you think of the gifts I found?


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