DIY: Glitter Toe & Heel Boots

Good morning beautiful people! If you follow me on IG at EM_PEA then you saw that I was working on adding a little shine to some old and worn boots of mine. I bought these boots from Aldo probably two years ago and had worn the front of them down quite a bit. Instead of doing away with them I wanted to see if I could spruce them up! If you enjoy blogs as much as I do, especially when it comes to DIY and craft projects then you might have seen this project on more than a few.

The items you need to complete this project are:

  • Painters tape
  • Glitter
  • Mod Podge Gloss
  • Paint brush

Take a look at how they turned out!

I think I’m still going to paint the inside of the heel black or use the glitter again because it takes away from the upgrade. All I had to do was tape off the sections that I wanted to paint with painters tape. Then I mixed the glitter with the modpodge and painted the sections accordingly. I did scuff up the areas a little with some sandpaper so the glitter would adhere better. I also used two types of glitter. One was a brighter gold and the pieces were bigger so I used it for better coverage. The second was a deeper gold color and the piece were fine and I liked the color more so I used it over top of the other. I did two coats and then sprinkled the find gold over top. When it dried I painted a layer of mod podge over the top just to seal the glitter so there would be less falling as time goes on. When the two coats began to dry I removed the tape and touched it up while it was still easy to move and wipe off in areas that didn’t look all the way live lol.

What do you think? I’m very happy with the results!


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