Shop Stop: My Dear Vintage

Greetings! The weather outside is frightful for those of us on the East Coast so I hope everyone is being safe. I want to tell you about a fun vintage shop to visit when the Sandy leaves us for good.

My Dear Vintage signs in the windows on the right and left.

Brandi Foster’s boutique, My Dear Vintage is located  on 3610 Falls Road in Baltimore, MD. Upon arriving at the store you may think it’s not there but there are signs in the windows. You’ll find it on the second floor of Lovely Yarns which is owned by Ms. Sue Caldwell. Since 2010 Brandi had been selling clothing through her online shop of the same name but decided to establish a physical location to set up shop this past June. I was actually on her online store looking at a pair of pant’s with an elephant print when I called her after reading she opened the boutique. I placed the pants on hold and headed over there to check out everything in person because she made it known there was a lot more than what I could see on my screen.

These are the pants I was looking at online but after trying them on I decided they weren’t for me.

My Dear Vintage sells hats, bags, shoes, accessories, dresses,  and any other article of clothing you’d expect to find at a boutique. Her prices are by far some of the best I’ve seen in my travels, starting at $3 and going up from there. There are several prints, cuts, and styles in there to look through. I was actually kind of reluctant to blog about the shop because you know I love my prints and who doesn’t like to keep their favorite things to themselves? Brandi is friendly and offers great customer service. She can be found in her store working but feel free to chat with her as she is never too busy for her customers. She seeks to expand once her business becomes more profitable and I’d like to see that happen for her. All you have to do is stop in and I guarantee the items in front of you will do the rest of the work (well… you’ll have to purchase them of course). She does a really good job choosing the  pieces that go on her racks. For a glimpse of what you can expect to find in the boutique check out her online store here.

Can you see the prints peaking through?

Below you will find a few pictures of my fitting room trials…

My collection of items to try on. Pretty sure I kept adding to the rack.

Tribal cropped sweater. I think this was $17 but I struggled to get my head through the neck hole. If it’s there the next time I visit then it’s mine. I can always alter it.

Been searching for the perfect coat. This one was heavy and would have been worked but I wasn’t sure it was Mr. Right. No spark lol

Brandi and I had the toughest time trying to get my petite frame in this dress. We came to the conclusion that it is probably for a child because it wouldn’t close and as you can see it bunches under my arms. I was uncomfortable and we still had to get me out!

Take a look at these wild boots one of her customers left out with for $10! Patent the the texture and gold chain, love! Can’t believe she entertained the thought of  leaving them behind because the space around her ankle.

Of course I bought this! $13-24 can’t remember but somewhere in there.

There’s always that one thing other people can’t get in that I manage to fit and these pants were it but they didn’t fit right. This MJ thriller inspired top was in my pile to purchase but I had to stay within my budget. Overall great trip!

If you’re ever in her neck of the woods, please stop in and check things out! Purchase a thing or two and send me a picture of what you picked up! Follow the store on Twitter @mydearvintage for information on upcoming discounts and events!

Happy shopping!

Reporting live from My Dear Vintage 🙂


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