What I Wore When

On a nice little boat ride around Baltimore’s Inner Harbor…

The top and earrings I wore were seen before in my Fourth of July look here. Whenever I’m going for a patriotic or nautical look I tend to reuse those items in a different way. The sequin skirt is from Asos and while I also have a gold mini sequin skirt from Forever 21, I chose this one for more of a sophisticated style. The hair piece in my hair was made by me and was actually the start of a fascinator I am still in the midst of finishing. I’ve been fooling around with wire mesh ribbon but haven’t liked anything I’ve done with it thus far. Back to this tale, people always ask me about my inspiration for this outfit it was actually Titanic but since I have never seen the movie, I went with what was in my head which was a mash up of the 60s,  30s swing era, the roaring 20s. In the end, I fixed my hair & I threw on what you see.

I love my glasses to bits!!! They’re from a vintage consignment shop called, “My Dear Vintage.” A blog about that shop is soon to come.

Of course I had to take a few pictures!

Wishing you all a beautiful weekend! Go out and enjoy life 🙂


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