DIY: Transparent Clutch

It’s Tuesday!!! Today I want to show you what I’ve been up to. Almost every lady wants a clutch when headed out for a night on the town, and we HAVE to stand out, right? What better way to stay fly than carrying a lucite clutch? I learned about this DIY project on the blog of MelissaChanel and I believe she saw it on HonestlyWTF. She took the idea a step further and spray painted them! Great idea.

Here are the items you need to complete this project:

  •  a clear rectangular hinged box from The Container Store. I’ve tried to find alternatives but they do just fine.

    They come in different sizes. There’s even a smaller size that you can use for business cards.

  • knob from Anthropologie
  • a pair of pliers or a wrench
  • the other ladies used a heavy duty wire cutter but I bought a $5 saw from Home Depot and saved myself any struggle.
  • a drill and a pointed drill bit
  • painters tape
  • spray paint and primer
  • I use a plastic bag when using more than one color on a box.
  • newspaper

I forgot to place the drill in this picture.

The first thing you’ll want to do is take the price sticker off your box and wash it with regular hand soap. You don’t want any unwanted residue like fingerprints or sticker residue turning up like after you spray it with paint. As much as I enjoy watching CSI and other shows involving forensics, I don’t think I’d want hair follicles and lint showing up on my finished product. Dry the box with a paper towel.

Spread the newspaper out in a basement, balcony, or just outside somewhere so the fumes from the spray don’t mess with you too much if you sensitive to things like that.

Take the time to decide how you want your clutch to look. Take the painters tape and begin to block off sections. Remember that it is transparent so if you’re like me, you’ll want the front and back to look almost exactly alike.

Spray the box with the spray paint of your choosing. More than one coat is always a good idea and be sure to keep the paint at least 5+ inches away from the box. You want nice even coats and spraying in circles or back and forth will help make that possible. Spray one side at a time and allow each side to dry completely before doing the other side. Don’t leave out the sides!

After both sides are dry, be sure to spray the primer of your choice on both sides.

While the primer is drying, take the saw and cut the Anthropologie know down about an inch and a half depending on how long the screw is. There are knobs at Home Depot that are more affordable. There are wooden knobs for around $3. Feel free to purchase one of those and paint or bedazzle it if you’re on a budget or simply enjoy putting special touches on things for more of a personal spin.

Now, once the box is dry, drill a hole in the middle using the drill. This does take some skill because you want to be careful not to damage the box. You also don’t want the hole to be too big so keep those things in mind.

Screw the knob in using the wrench to hold the nut in place and then you’re finished.

Voila! Transparent clutch!

My most recent creation.

Since I’ve begun making these, I’ve heard about the need for us ladies to be able to disguise more personal belongings. The bigger clutches are covered more so it’s not so much of an issue but still, I’m working on a solution. That polka dot case you see in the photo was painted by me and I also purchased that from The Container Store. That can be spray painted, covered with fabric, or anything else you’d like.

Below is one I did for a young lady I know and love who was headed off to homecoming…

This clutch didn’t have much coverage but she had her personal belongings in a small coin purse that fit inside.

Her phone, homecoming ticket and coin/makeup bag all fit in the clutch. She looked fabulous!

Could be a clearer photo, huh? I know :-/ No worries, I’ll have a new camera soon. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask. Send an email to me at and if you decide to make your own PLEASE send pics! I’d love to see and share what you clutch looks like.

You know I don’t like things simple and plain all the time and I’m a sucker for prints so trust and believe I’ve been behind the scenes experimenting with ways to make it happen. Actually this past weekend I was successful so when all the paint has dried and the tape comes off, I’ll definitely be posting the finished product.

I’ll be selling them online in the upcoming weeks, especially after my specially painted ones dry. Look for them on Once Mine, Now Yours. If you can’t wait, and would like me to make you a transparent clutch then please feel free to email me at Use “transparent clutch” on the subject line. Include your name of course, the color or colors you’d like, and what size you want (small $27, medium $37, or large $47). Shipping is reflected in the price. I’ll send you an invoice using Paypal.

Both medium and large are pictured under supplies. The citron and gold clutch was done using the slim rectangular one on the top left in the picture under supplies. Small is pictured below on top of a medium one so you can see the difference.

Both clutches are unfinished.

What do you think of the transparent clutch? Are you a fan?


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