Diggin’ Her Steelo

I had the pleasure of attending the engagement party of one of my closest friends this weekend. After spending times setting up and preparing, the ladies started getting dressed and while I love each of our own individual styles, this stylish chica caught my eye once she joined the rest of us.

Shining the spotlight on Ms. Edna Woyee!

This hardworking grad student & maid-of-honor found some down time that evening to not only fulfill her duties as my dance partner but also to allow me to take these beautiful pictures! Love how perfectly the gold necklace fits under her collar! Hair up, black and white, loose ankle pants, the earrings?! It all went together so well… just classic.

Doesn’t she look like royalty?

Her last picture of the night! Despite having been up ALL day, she still shines bright.

We not only get down on the dance floor but we take lovely pictures!

We both had the blouses with the pleats going for us. My necklace was joined by my Around the Way Curls African Bow. If you like it and want one of your own, click here. Meet the lovely ladies behind the bows here. Check out the curls event they hosted here. I attended the event and truly enjoyed myself.

Not every hair accessory is required to be worn in the hair. Experiment and DEFINEchic for yourself!

For all of those asking, yes I am still working on the jewelry. Keep your eyes peeled for a re-introduction 🙂

Have a productive Monday beautiful people.


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