What I Wore When…

Headed out to Dave & Busters with the ladies…

For the first time in a while I stopped by the mall and picked up that top from “Love Culture.” The jacket is from H&M and the pants and necklace are from Forever 21.

The bird necklace is the one worn with my outfit above.

My shoes were $15 and they are Cole Haan. There is an app called Poshmark you can get on your iphone and it works a little like Ebay’s buy it now feature. You see something you like and contact the buyer to ask questions or purchase right away. I haven’t purchased anything straight from the app. I tend to contact the buyer and  request to use Paypal because I trust that site more than I do that of an app. Aren’t they adorable? They were in absolute mint condition!

This is a picture of Poshmark TL.

Poshmark could use some work. The search engine is not as effective as it could be. There’s no reason I should search for yellow shoes and still get images of yellow pants, and sweater. Due to the TL updating frequently, it’s annoying to have to scroll through EVERYTHING so you want to be able to search and find items that match your query. Another issue that I have with Poshmark is that when items are purchased, for the most part they remain on the app under that person’s items. If the item sold, it needs to come down. Simple as that. I don’t want to see it if I can’t purchase it, you know?

Here’s hoping you all have a great weekend!


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