Stop Shop: Junction

First let me apologize for the week-long absence. My mac book has been used more for class than blogging and I’d blog at the computer at work but hey, I’m working and when I get a break, the simple thing refuses to let me be great (the browser hasn’t been updated in I don’t know how long and won’t work with the blog).

Now that I’ve done that I will tell you about Junction!! I’m not sure what vintage store will win Best of DC 2012 but Junction has won enough times that one might think you’ve been already. Located on 1510 U St. NW in DC, Junction houses clothes and accessories for men and women. They are not a consignment shop but if you’re looking for vintage yet contemporary pieces then this is where you want to be. Every time I visit I buy something and my this visit ended with me purchasing pieces straight off the mannequin. Those stubborn, no named pieces of plastic know exactly what I like, lol just kidding. The owner does a great job making sure the merchandise appeals to her customers so I would be surprised if you came out empty-handed… anything is possible though.

I walked right through the doors and asked for the top off the mannequin. It’s a size 8 but bet your bottom dollar and last 3 pennies, I’ll be wearing it at some point.

Items are reasonably priced and there are new pieces every week. Any week you don’t stop in, is one you risk losing the perfect trendy find.

Take it in the top above a tad and voila it will fit the way I want it to! The vivid and deep colors are what made me grab it off the rack. It has the peplum at the bottom with a zip closure and I couldn’t leave it there.

I would have traded everything for this gray and white cape to fit me! I hope someone owns it by now because it’s worthy of being worn this fall.

Plaid J. Crew Blazer

I wanted this blazer to fit also but I didn’t have much luck there. J. Crew 0 or 00 if you happen to find any out there that you think I’d like! Hehe. This was a 2 I believe and of course I saw it with some nice dark brown boots and equestrian pants. I hope someone picked this up as well.

Vintage patterns for all the seamstresses and up and coming fashion designers out there! If I can find more patience to sew then I may have to attempt making one of these patterns fashion forward.

Scoutmob, known for providing it’s users with deals on food, shopping, and other goodies, saved me some money on my purchase.

Read the fine print on deals because as you can see this says $10 max discount. Don’t go getting your hopes up to be let down in the end. Junction is open Wednesday- Sunday and for more information on times you can check out their website here. Follow @JunctionVintage on Twitter for stay up to date on sales and the new-new.

Have a terrific Tuesday!


6 thoughts on “Stop Shop: Junction

  1. Thanks for the great review! I enjoyed having you come in. You picked some of my favorite pieces! Come back and visit again soon. Like you said, I’m putting out new pieces weekly. I know there’s something with your name on it as we speak!

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