Thrifting Find of the Week

Went down to Annapolis a couple weeks ago to assist a friend with a craft project and of course when we finished, I had to try and check out surrounding thrift stores and consignment shops. I was on a true time crunch though and had to go with only one shop. Who knew my decision would result in the fantastic find!

I stopped by Olivias and was disappointed to find the ‘For Rent’ sign on the window. I went in regardless, had a pleasant talk with the sales associate and as I was speaking (I’m a little clumsy and have a tendency to become animated when I talk, which can lead to me moving around) I bumped into this…

An iron mannequin dress form!! I’d say the price for these range somewhere from $50 to $100 depending on the shape, style and size but since the store was closing I paid a whopping…

What?! $10 buckaroos! I was thrilled! I saw one on Pier1 or somewhere and I really wanted that one but by the time I went to pay for it online, it had sold out. God sure does know my heart because I had been hoping for a while (and I do mean while) that I’d get one but you tend to forget when there are other priorities and things in the way.

I know some of you are like okay so you got this thing but what the heck do you use it for? Well my fabulously chic friends, I will tell you! It can not only be used to add style and sophistication to a room but also to act as storage for a few things depending on the style and size. I use mine for a couple handbags, scarves, and hats. If you over do it then it will look messy so pay attention to how much you add to you iron mannequin. You can add necklaces, belts, and any other accessory you want.

This is not a picture of mine. I just want to give an example of what I was talking about.

Hope you all like my newest find. If you should happen to find your own fascinating find while out thrifting this week please email a picture to and I’ll be sure to share on the site.

Happy Monday!


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