Film: LUV

Not too many people can excel in the realm of music and film but Common has been one to get the job done. Not only is he an accomplished rapper and actor but he writes too.  Aside from his book, “One Day It Will All Make Sense,” he has written a few children’s books with his mother. I won’t say he’s worthy of an Oscar but he’s learned how to pick roles for himself and I don’t see him being typecast anytime in the near future.

After repeatedly hearing about him filming a new movie in Baltimore I knew it would be one I’d want to see. How I missed being an extra in the film is still beyond me… normally I know those kind of things.  I’d arrive at places he’d visit in the city just days after he had been there. Thank goodness I met him months later at his book signing or I’d still be trying to catch a glimpse of him. The movie he was filming was titled, “LUV” and when it debuted at Sundance earlier this yet it was praised by the critics. I saw the sneak peek and January and waited patiently for a trailer. Watch it with me here.

Looks intriguing right? The films supporting actors include: Dennis Haysbert, Danny Glover, Charles S. Dutton, Michael Kenneth William and Lonette McKee. I’m eager to see how the young newcomer Michael Rainey Jr. does in the film, although, I’m sure he’ll be one to watch after this. The film is directed by first timer, Sheldon Candis and hits theaters November 9th of this year. Supporting the movie will hopefully keep aspiring film makers motivated and encouraged to bring their visions to life. I for one am tired of remakes. NOVEMBER 9th!!


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