Curls Gone Wild Recap

As most of you know I went to the Curls Gone Wild event hosted by bloggers Shanti Mayers and Antoinette Henry of “Around the Way Curls,” Andrea Lewis of duo from “Those Girls Are Wild” and Brooke Slade. The event was created to give all of us natural women a way to interact in a positive setting with not only each other but natural beauty professionals in beauty, skin care, hair care, wellness, and fashion. I commend the hosts, volunteers, and vendors for a wonderful job. I truly enjoyed myself 🙂

Shanti and Antoinette are friendly, down to Earth, and gorgeous. I understand that hosting events can lead to people becoming overwhelmed and busy but it’s always an added bonus when they make time to get in the mix and mingle amongst their guests. It’s always appreciated when they can trust others to do their part so that they can go that extra mile. The atmosphere was full of laughter, dancing, good conversation, and smiling. You can’t go wrong with that.

There were some awesome giveaways and those goody bags were loaded with good stuff from Mixed Chicks, Kinky Curls, Jesi Curls and more. Take a look at some of the pictures my best friend snapped…

Shanti and Antoinette announcing the winners of a couple giveaways.

Vendor: Rich Harlots

I had the pleasure of meeting Isatta Hadiyah of Rich Harlots. She is beyond talented with that paintbrush in her hand and so nice! Her beautiful masterpiece earrings can be found on her site here. She had been making customized earrings all night and I believe I was her last customer, if not the very last one. I picked the colors and we collaborated on the rest. Check them out below.

Cute right?!

Ever visit a website or web store all the time but have no real clue of what the writer or owner looked like? Well I think I remember seeing an add for Esther Woo Vintage on Clutch Magazine and once I clicked it, I went back repeatedly but I don’t believe I ever knew who was behind such cute vintage clothes. When I saw a rack of clothes at Curls Gone Wild, of course I started looking through them and as I got more excited over the items, I had to stop and ask who I could talk to about purchasing pieces. Bevelery  Edmonds the owner, pointed to the business cards on a nearby table and must to my surprise they read, Esther Woo Vintage!! How cool is that?! I purchased a pair of silk wide-leg pants and an extremely cute silk top seen below.

It’s all about the print but the peplum, buttons closure down the back and shoulder pads make it all the more fly!

My bestest and Beverly, owner of Esther Woo Vintage.

I watch the curl wand in action and the results have me wanting to purchase my own to try on my curls! A. the room was hot and B. even after the humidity got to it, the curls looked great. After I saw the wand I had a chance to use one on a friend’s hair and umm-rrrr-uhhh I did a nice job but I need to learn how to use it with that glove on because burning your fingers is not the business let me tell ya!!

If you’d like to see a video recap of the event, watch the video below. A vlogger and attendee did a great job capturing things that went down and I believe you can catch me in one of the group photos toward the end of the video.

My outfit of the day initially began with this…

The top is from Charlotte Russe and I received many compliments on the necklaces but much to the surprise of others, they were not a set. They are individual strings of glass beads and I didn’t like the look of one so I took all of them from a friend and put them on regardless of whether they matched. Between the dolly on my head, my shiny face, and my once twist-out having to be thrown into a last minute updo thanks to the rain, I ended up looking like the mad hatter but hey… I had a good time.

Again, thanks to the hosts, vendors, clean-up crew, volunteers and whoever else for pulling off a successful event! For natural hair tips, product reviews, or to check out a list of the other vendors who were in attendance please head over to “Around the Way Curls” It’s a great blog that not only deals with hair but the uplifting and advancement of women. I once stumbled onto the site way back when because I was looking for someone and anyone who could halfway relate to my thin and curly hair struggle.  ATWC hasn’t been up for long but Antoinette has often been my motivation on days when I’m at wit’s end with my thin curls. I’ve been natural for six years and when I began my process there weren’t too many places I could look for help or encouragement. It’s amazing to now see so many blogs, and vlogs dedicated to hair care for naturals. I love it!


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