Beauty Buys: SNOOKI

That’s right “Jersey Shore” cast member Nicole Polizzi has her own fragrance. It was released just last year and features a few of the following notes: kiwi, driftwood, white jasmine, and sugared musk. I was wandering through the outlets in PA last weekend with friends when one led us into a store to find her a new scent for the upcoming fall season. Let me begin by saying what works well with my body chemistry might not work as great on yours and what gets you compliments might not get me a second look but give Snooki a chance. SNOOKI was on the top shelf with BEST SELLER written underneath so of course I had to find out what that was all about. What really made me ask her to take it down was the box, I just knew the bottle looked better than the box but I was wrong. The box and the bottle looked gaudy and I couldn’t see myself having it among my collection. Thankfully the bottle and box didn’t stop me from trying it on and I must say it smells awfully good. Who knew she had good nose for perfumes?! The box does have a creative barcode on the back so I give her credit for that as well.

According to the sales woman, women between the ages of 25-50 are buying this affordable fragrance. I bet if you were to ask anyone wearing it they wouldn’t tell you it was Snooki’s perfume tho… just saying lol. I personally wouldn’t have thought she’d smell like what’s inside that bottle but hey, at the end of the day she is a woman and I’m sure she likes to smell good too. Next time you’re at the perfume counter check this one out and come back and tell me what you think. After smelling nearly a dozen different perfumes my friend purchased Snooki and now knows what types of notes she likes.  Do you have it in your collection already? Is it on your list?


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