What I Wore When…

This is me arriving at the very first birthday party of my friend’s son! My long safari print open top is actually a size large and is thrifted. I never shy away from the bigger sizes when I’m shopping in thrift stores because A. They always have great patterns and great patterns make for a lot of great crafts involving fabric, B. Sometimes the tag says large but the item may have shrunk, and C. I may want to experiment and cut something down to size. I imagine someone has the pants that make this a complete set. You remember those outfits from back in the day right? Most of the older people always wore sets lol. The top is kept closed by a studded belt and under I have a pair of ex-pants, now shorts. Blue feather earring for a bit of color, studded bracelet, and wooden bracelet just because I have a storage box full of bracelets and I’ve been forcing myself to actually wear them. On my feet? Forever 21 wedges that I purchased years ago. I get compliments on them almost everywhere I go and I wish they’d put them back in stores because mine are walking toward the end of the road. Don’t ask me why my hair looks like a saucer… I’m not exactly sure what I was going for other than stable and low maintenance. What do you think of the outfit?


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