You Win Some, You Lose Some

Last week I posted pictures of things I lost on Ebay. Well the week ended with me losing out on two things I TRULY wanted. It’s rare that I ever put an outfit together on Ebay but these two pieces were definitely going to be worn together.

Plenty by Tracy Reese.

I can’t explain to you how upset I was to lose out on this blouse. It was $8.40 or something and I forgot to bid on it and if you don’t bid then Ebay doesn’t clue you in on the time running out. When you’re watching it’s your responsibility to pay attention. *heavy sigh*


This pleated skirt was a little out of my Ebay budget but I was willing to go the distance. Thanks to my iPhone failing I missed out in the last two minutes or so and I was outbid.

It bites to lose things but check the few things that I did win last week.




What do you think of my wins?


One thought on “You Win Some, You Lose Some

  1. I love that skirt!! I wouldn’t have even thought to pair the top with it. You won some nice stuff too. I really like the leopard pea-coat. its different.

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