Thrifting Find of the Week

Isn’t it cute?

Stopped by the thrift store one day last week and picked up this wooden box. I don’t know what kind of box it would be classified as… tuck box? small chest with pull-down latch? I don’t know but it was all the way on top of a shelf and I look up there & said, “I have to have it!” I took it down and had to use my key to pry it open because the metal piece was broken. I think it was about $6 or $7 bucks but thanks to the thrift stores that go the extra mile & deduct money off for defects, I scored this cute thing for $5. Always let the sales associate know when an item is flawed & they may do the same for you. Don’t go up there demanding though, this is a thrift store and everything is not always going to be in mint condition. If you do, I won’t blame them for looking at you like you’ve lost what bit of sense you may have had before you reached the counter.

Back to my lightly ragged box, it’s reached the point where I see lifting from the weaved on outer shell beginning to take place but that only adds to its vintage look. If it starts to do to much I have industrial glue but I don’t have intentions of moving it all over the East Coast or dropping it any time soon. It’s kind of a stationary thing. I dusted it, and sort of washed & polished it… my attempt at trying to make it less, “Hey I was chillin’ in a thrift store after being in someone’s attic.”

A few weeks before I went thrifting I was in Anthropologie and I bought a door knob handle. I was going to attempt to make a transparent storage box for the beads & other things I have coming in for the accessory line. Cute storage is motivation for me! lol. Anywho, I had yet to make my way to the Container Store so I went ahead and used the handle on my box. It appears to be a bit to long though so I’m sure I’ll find another one to replace it one of these days.

It’s spacious and hides all of the little things that people normally just throw in a basket.

The box smelled just a little and I placed a dryer sheet in there to tame the scent. What am I keeping in there these days? My vitamins and other small little bottles of lotions & things. If you’re buying odds & ins for your house, do yourself a favor and just browse through the thrift store. You never know what you can find that you might be able to revive & update!


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