*E.Badu voice* I’ma Test This Out Right Quick: Curlformers

These are my curls

Hi, these are my stubborn, shrunken, almost z-formation, weird s-shape, thin everywhere, tighter in the middle, looser in the back, curls…DEFINED hehe

These are my curls on curlformers…

They were touched by an angel lol

Nice right? I have used Curlformers multiple times since purchasing them some weeks ago. I love how they look but humidity and products led my curls spiraling down every time. Here are the pros & cons that I found:


  • Stretches hair w/o heat
  • Straightens edges
  • Smoothes hair flat… for the most part
  • Produces fresh and bouncy spiral curls
  • Dries in as little as six hours
  • More comfortable to sleep on, unlike flexi-rods
  • Easy to assemble and use.


  • Style doesn’t seem to last very long… at least not for me
  • Curls curl up inside the curlformer resulting in curls within a curl :-/

See, there are definitely more pros than cons but let me explain to you why even the cons aren’t that bad. So the style doesn’t last long, who cares? If you’re like me and like to switch up your style mid-week then this is perfect. Your hair is already stretched out and your edges are smooth so on to the next style with ease! I’m thinking my curls in particular do not last because with thin hair, it’s a struggle to keep the hair defined, moisturized, and lasting without weighing it down. I didn’t want to pile on leave-in conditioner and a gel over top to make sure it lasted so I experimented with different things. I used just a leave-in which led to great bouncy curls but of course the humidity in MD did it’s thing because there was nothing to hold them. I used my eco-styling gel but with out a leave-in they came out a tad on the crunchy side and a bit dry too. I used Shea Moisture Smoothie & Curl Milk… on separate occasions. I even did them on dry curls and they still turned out nice with NO heat! Do allow them to dry fully bc you don’t want the extra that comes when you don’t. When I used both the results were nice, you saw them but…

you’ve seen my curls. They don’t react positively to some things without force and well, Curlformers aren’t forceful enough it seems. The Curlformers allow your hair to flatten out inside of them but when you have stubborn curls like mine that plastic doesn’t always do the trick. Now the back of my hair is where the loose curls are and that is where they worked the best. Keep in mind that my hair is thin so perhaps it curls up in there because there isn’t enough of it being restricted. It’s almost like place my strands in a Play-doh press machine. If there isn’t enough doh, the results vary. So my hair starts out great and then toward the end of the curl you see the Curlformer couldn’t really do the job, not enough pressure. Flexi-rods puts the power in my hands and I can keep those suckers down!

Remember these?

Overall, I love them despite our curl battles. If you’re hesitant to try them because of the price, $65 dollars for 40 then try looking on Ebay first. I’ve seen some great deals on there for Curlformers. I’ve read that there are knock-offs and they work just as well so I look forward to testing those out as well. I got my Curlformers from Sally’s Beauty Supply and they do allow you to return the product within 30 days I think so if you don’t like your result, save your receipt and take them back. Find out more about Curlformers on there site, here.

If you need help putting them in and would like a guide click here to watch Naptural 85 give a tutorial. She does a wonderful job. Let’s see… what else do I need to say? Hmm…

OH! The african print western bow tie was handmade and sewn by yours truly. I bought 72 two-inch fabric squares from Etsy and got busy. Turned out really well for me not to have had a guide or anything but I think I’ll be using a sewing machine next time. I received a few requests to make them so once I have a few made, I’ll see about making them available for you to purchase.

I was supposed to be making buttons but I had a change of heart.

Have a wonderful and productive Sunday!


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