You Win Some, You Lose Some

Where do I go when gas prices are too high & I get tired of thrift store hopping?

Ebay. I can type in the name of any designer, brand, trend, etc and within seconds have a selection of items to sort through. It’s one of those sites where it’s acceptable to stalk something until it ends up coming home to you. All you have to do is log on, type in what you’re looking for, zero in on what you want using the categories on the side, and either add what you like to you watch list to bid on later or if possible, buy it right away. At any given time I can log on and add clothes to my watch list where I can watch the countdown take place. When time begins to expire I make my bid and sometimes go back and forth with others if they too have had their eye on the same thing. I used to sell clothes from my closet on Ebay until I opted to give them away to people I knew who could use them. Don’t count me out though because I plan to re-open my store and have things up again. It won’t just be my clothes but clothes I’ve found in my thrift/consignment outings. I tend to find a lot of things I like in other sizes that I think some of you would love  so I’ll bring them to you. It will almost be like you’re shopping with me!

Until then, I want to share my wins and losses on Ebay with you. Perhaps even highlight an item that you may be interested in purchasing or bidding on.

I tend to examine my list closely before bidding as to not completely lose my mind and my money. I narrow down my list and bid on the things that I feel would make fantastic additions to my closet.

This week I’ve lost five things. I’ll share three because the other two are part of another post.

J. Crew

1. Silk chartreuse colored J. Crew top. I just had to have it!!! At a certain point I quit bidding because there were other things on my list  that I wanted and my Ebay budget was not at all open to this cute polka dot top. How much did it sell for? $72

2. This Arden B. fuchsia sateen pencil skirt. I happened to have been in church at the time this was in it’s final countdown and I thought I’d have time to get out of church and get it at the last minute but I was completely distracted and lost out. $12.50 for a skirt that was bound to be a standout piece in one of my fall/winter outfits.

Arden B.

3. A cotton skirt by Anthropolgie with a super funky print. You have no clue how much I wanted this skirt and at the very last second it was snatched away right before my eyes! I don’t know what I had going on but there’s nothing like watching the clock run out and seeing that you didn’t win. I had big plans for this $20 skirt! Big plans I say!! I LOVE prints!


Cute right?

What can I say, not everyone is a winner but the at some point you can be 🙂 Check back later this week to see if I have won anything good and keep your fingers crossed for me!


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