Double Take

Heading to the beach was one of the things on my to-do list this summer and I finally made it! It was my first time in Ocean City, MD and uhhh yea, I’ll leave it at that. I did a twist-n-curl on my stretched curlformer curls the night before and what happened? The humidity at the beach ruined my cute style. A twist-n-curl is a head of about 5-10 individual med-large individual twists. Wrap the ends on a flexi-rod and voila! Twist-n-shout curl! Like most of my natural haired friends I’m still on the quest for the perfect way to protect my strands from being attacked by the vapors. Every time I find a product, it works for a while and then my hair becomes immune and I’m on to the next thing.

I don’t hate humidity like most naturals do. I’m actually rather fond of it because my hair is thin and with humidity my strands tend to expand and I get the big hair I’ve always wanted. The problem is that the curl doesn’t stay, somehow my hair straightens and turns into a big… cotton ball. My natural curls react the same way. I have to let the humidity get to it, style it in a twist-n-curl or something and hide from the air. I could alway put it up but sheesh at the beach I wanted it to be free! I have to find a styling agent that keeps whatever curl I’m going for that day and shields my hair from over exposure. It would be great it is was a mosturizing product too. Anyway, humidity can be your best friend or your worse enemy depending on how you look at it.

I should have taken a picture so you could have seen it before I got to the beach. Like I said, the night before my curls from the curlformers were finished. I didn’t let them dry all the way so the frizz and a hot crowded room  had already done a number on them so I went home and did a twist-n-curl, I looked ready to lay out on the sand, soak up the sun and put my feet in the water.

Here I am about 15 after being at the beach. The wind had it’s way with my hair too…

Never mind the face I’m making. There were seagulls trying to attack me but that’s neither here nor there. My hair was a mess and I can’t stand my hair flying in my face and everywhere else so I did one big twist to the side and the other side braided to the back, they met in the middle, I pinned the style and I carried on with life.

When you hair goes left, go right. Big twists and a fast up-do can always save the day. Make sure you carry bobby pins with you at all times, you never know when you or someone else might need them.

If you’re wondering what I’m wearing, it’s a zebra short jumpsuit worn backwards. I never got a full shot, sorry. It shrunk in the wash and almost doesn’t cover my tushie bum which is why it’s become my beach cover up. The citron two piece swimsuit has zebra lining as well. I think I bought it from H & M… last year… when I had plans of living the beach life…but never made it. Now I can say I made it there!

I hope you’re enjoying your summer!



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