Beauty Buys: BB Cream

Welcome to Wednesday at DEFINEchic. The weekend is sooooo close! Today I just wanted to come by and talk about beauty balms. Beauty balms or BB creams, whatever you like to call them, are lightly tinted moisturizers with a few extras mixed in plus SPF. They are not foundations. I spent one day looking for the perfect one for me which ended in me actually leaving whether I was sure I wanted one. As a woman of color it was a little difficult to find a BB cream that didn’t leave my face looking ghostly because not many of them come in shades. I don’t mind rubbing things in but if I rub it in and still look like Casper then there’s a flag on the play. Smashbox was the only one I discovered in Sephora that had dark shades and I allowed the associate to test it out on one side of my face. She covered it with Sephora’s mineral powder after I said it didn’t look like it added coverage. Again, they are not foundations but for some reason I was still expecting a different result.

Oily skin makes me reluctant to use anything on my face.  Rudolph’s nose glows and mine shines like the sun all the day long but thankfully I can tackle the rest of the shine with these oil blot papers a Twitter friend of mine turned me on to, shoutout to Dunni! I have to use 4 at a time some days but hey, I’ll take whatever help I can get.

Boscia Blotting Linens. 100 for $10 at Sephora

Back to the BB Cream. I walked around all day with Smashbox BB cream on my face and I liked it! It went on nice and smooth and at the end of the day it still felt light. I know make-up can be heavy and I hate it which is why I don’t wear any so I appreciate products that don’t add weight to my face. The best thing about Smashbox BB cream is that it acts as a primer and controls oil! If you have oily skin then and read that something is supposed to control oil then you apply the product and watch it like a hawk to see what happens. That’s what I did and I didn’t find myself blotting as much as usual AND my face had a bit of a glow… or maybe that’s natural hahaha. The cream comes in five shades and has SPF 35. Worth the price? Hmmm…

$39 at Sephora

When I was in the store I asked the associate if there were any bb creams she could think of that were sold at the drug store and of course she told me know so later that did I did some investigating and found three, one by Loreal, another by Garnier and the other by Maybeline. Garnier has two shades I believe but I didn’t care for the reviews so I left it alone. Maybeline had a few shades so of course I went with that line and I want to tell you that it’s actually okay. I’ve been using it a couple of weeks now and I think it’s worth the price. I’ll finish the bottle because I bought it, it doesn’t break me out, and it serves its purpose. It doesn’t really control the shine like Smashbox or provide a matte foundation like I’d like but I’ll probably put a powder over it. Of course that will be whenever I  replace the MAC powder I haven’t been able to find anywhere.  I guess it’s lost and since I can’t find it I’ve placed myself on punishment. No replacements ’til further notice. These things aren’t cheap you know?  If I don’t teach myself how to value my things, who will? and yes, I’m aware that you might be thinking I have issues, and I’m content with that.

$7.44 in a Walmart near you

Once I finish my Maybeline cream I’ll probably purchase Smashbox (it’s worth the price) but I see nothing wrong with the Maybeline’s BB cream and I applaud them for creating a line that caters to women with different complexions. When we all turn purple or green then I won’t mind one tint for everyone but until then… thank you to the cosmetic brands that care. Now I did apply a few other creams on my hands just to see the outcome and if Dr. Jart had one that came in a darker shade I think I’d give it a shot. It instantly gave my  hand a glow and felt hydrated which might not sit with my oil loving nose or T-zone but I think other people would love it. At the end of the day I hear nothing can compare to the creams overseas but I’ll work with what I have until I can get over there to try them out.

Do you know of any other BB creams that are worth trying? How about oil control products? Tell me all about them!


4 thoughts on “Beauty Buys: BB Cream

  1. I recently tried the Maybelline BB cream and not only found it a tad too oily for my skin, but also for some reason there is only one shade, Apricot, available here in Germany. So after two uses, back it went. I don’t know what Maybelline was thinking, I’ve never seen anyone that is that color (orange) except on Jersey Shore. I have heard that the L’oreal BB cream is one of the better drugstore BB creams though. In fact you should check out this video from Emily Noel, she did a comparison of 4 popular drugstore BB creams. I still think I will be placing an order for one of the Skin 79 BB creams from Asia rather than take another chance on the creams available here.

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